Wednesday 19 October 2011

Small Flurry

Let's talk snowflakes. Not the ones on the tablerunner, but the ones I am crocheting. I have increased my lonely two by a few more, and there are two more pinned down and drying out. So have made a good start (in my eyes) on these.

The long trailing ends of yarn obviously still need to be trimmed and sewn in.

Today I dug out the box of felt and spent some time making. I need to keep the ornaments I am making simple and easy to make if I am going to sell them at this Christmas Market or else they won't be cost effective at all. So I had a play.

First attempt.
Liking the blanket stitch but it is too time consuming
and also uses up too much perle.

Straight stitches are better and quicker,
but that 'snowflake' is a total disaster!

Better, but the snowflake is decidedly wonky.

I think this is too twee for me.
I tried it but honestly can't see me making more,
unless someone could convince me they would sell.
I don't think they would.
I do have another snowflake finished on the tablerunner too, but that can wait for a different day for showing off. I am only in the house for a short while before we head back out for parent teacher meetings. I generally enjoy these, as long as the teacher 'gets' Emily. Sometimes they don't, and that is very frustrating but this year is looking more positive in regards to that.

I don't have to worry about dinner because Emily made it yesterday. (I'm telling you, teach your children to cook because the payback is fantastic!)

So I have a lovely bolognaise sauce simmering in the oven. The bonus is that we put red wine in our bolognaise sauce. Not a whole bottle though. There are leftovers. I had a glass last night. I think I'll have another tonight. These chilly  nights are perfect for a full bodied red. It would be silly to let it go to waste after all!

That would be my evening sorted. Maybe my little embroidered snowflakes on the felt ornaments wouldn't be so wonky if I had a glass of wine first.



  1. I couldn't agree more, my seams always seem straighter and my points meet up when I'm quilting after a glass :) (but maybe thats just me! haha) the snowflakes are great, and you'd be surprised, depending on the fair the hearts might sell too, they can be used as extras when wrapping presents then ornaments later :)

  2. Love the new look on the blog :o)

    When I saw small flurry as the title I thought you meant the real stuff! :o) Certainly feels like the cold and snow are on their way!

  3. I need someone to cook over here - send Helen over and have her stop at the shop to pick up what ever she needs. Fridge is sadly empty...

    I like the second to last heart a whole lot. The flakes are always beautiful - our tree is regularlly FILLED with them. Love it.

  4. I wish I could get the hang of crocheting, my Mom tried, oh Lordy she tried but to no avail! I'll just have to admire your beautiful snowflakes from afar!


  5. Love the new look blog! Any chance you could lend me Helen for a day or two?!! Love the hearts and I really can't see anything wrong with any of them! Good luck with the stall x

  6. Hearts one and three are my faves :-) When did you do the FABULOUS new blog look? How on earth did I miss that, its lovely, and all the more so cos I see your grinning mug when it loads up :-)

  7. I am sorry Susan you need new glasses as there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the things you have made!

  8. Love all the new additions to your market stash, and the snowflakes on the hearts don't look wonky to me - how many of those bottles have you drunk? ;o)

  9. Your felt hearts are really lovely! Keep going, before or after the wine!

  10. You're your own worst critic, those hearts are adorable - nothing wrong with the snowflakes either. Lovely to 'see' you too! Jxo

  11. Enjoy the wine!
    The snowflakes look amazing and I actually really love the disasterous snowflake!!

  12. Loving your new look blog page Susan! And am delighted you've added that really cheery pic of yourself at the top too! I don't think the snowflake on felt heart is disastrous at all - it's beautiful! I suspect the heart on heart would sell but, if it's not you, don't bore yourself making them. Make the fun ones - hope they sell well!

  13. I love your snowflakes too and they are so fresh and crisp and modern looking. Helen and Emily really remind me of myself at their age - I was forever cooking and baking - if only I was more like that now. Have a lovely evening.x

  14. Red wine, chocolate...oh we have so much in common.

  15. Look at you getting all spruced up! Very nice too!

    Doing great on the flakes - I like the 'rustic' heart vibe - the double heart maybe should come as a pair!

  16. Woo hoo, go you- love your photo.
    Love all those ornamental too! 1 & 3 are also my favourites.
    Mmmm wine. Can't wait til my slaves.... Ahem ooops, I mean children.... Are old enough to cook! I think 3 & 1 might be a tad too young if I want everyone & my house to stay in one piece....

  17. I like all the felt ornaments except the twee one. I even like the wonky snowflakes. Don't get too caught up in the perfection! My daughter will cook occasionally but tonight it was hubby. I was busy working on runner.

  18. Love the snowflakes and the hearts!

  19. your hearts are gorgeous - you'll sell heaps.

    love the new look - a change, as they say

  20. I am sure that's the secret Susan - not that your stitching isn't lovely already :)

  21. Check you out with the new blog look :-) Love it! Very chic and sophis...

    All the ornaments are perfect, I love the tiny red snowflake stitches. V cute :-)

  22. I have to say I don't normally go for heart shaped things, but the red sitching and snowflakes are perfect. As is your daughter, and very possibly that bottle of wine! I'm interested in that fusible fleece. I'll wait to see how you get on with it.

  23. love love love your hearts would buy them all :))


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