Tuesday 11 October 2011

Faster Than the Speed of Light

No, not me! Don't be silly, we all know I am built for comfort not speed. The speed I am referring to is Accuquilt, believe it or not. Today my new cutting mat fell through the post box with a satisfying thump. I could barely believe it got here so quickly, and while I don't appreciate how quickly the last mat wore out I do appreciate how quickly they rectified the problem once I convinced them it really was a problem. So many thanks to Accuquilt in this instance.

Before and after.
Watch this space for a report on how the new cutting mat fares.
Today I decided to temporarily suspend my legendary procrastinating skills and just get on with it. As I worked away happily it came to me just how befuddled by my cold my brain was last week. I feel as if I was in a cloud and I have just broken free. So get on with it I did indeed!

First I reworked that pathetic pin cushion and turned it into something worthy of sending as an extra, rather than leaving it to sit around here and taunt me with my failure.

Please don't tell me you can't see a difference
because the corners really are all pretty well lined up now!
Hadley, am I forgiven?
I then quilted the DS doll quilt, in the ditch(ish) in a diamond pattern. So I followed the seam lines on the diagonal but not the horizontal. I went with the solid navy for the binding and got that on. I had forgotten to do the signature strip before the photos but it is all done now and packaged, ready to go.

I am quite pleased with this as it was a new direction for me,
all those triangles.
Sometimes in the ditch, sometimes balanced on the edge.
The back, without any writing in the signature strip, yet!
So that is packaged up and ready to go. Check that box on my list. I turned my hand to stitching on the binding to the back of my baby quilt. I am getting better at this, and faster, thankfully.

I am so pleased with this because I have managed to make a really, truly 'boy' quilt for once.
I'm still in love with my Drunkard's Path blocks.
Someone helpfully reminded me that the fabric is Max and Whiskers.
It works really well with this deign.
So that is it, I have to leave the house, go to the Post Office, go to the school and collect the girls and then go get my hair cut - Emily is getting her hair cut too. I hate getting my hair cut. I hate all the trendy young things who recoil in horror when I tell them that I don't use any 'products' in my hair and rarely even blow dry it. They all intimidate the hell out of me. Post Office first though.



  1. Oh wow! You have been such a busy "beaver". The boy's quilt is spectacular.


  2. Your boy quilt is lovely and I love the DP blocks when they are all smushed together and unsashed. Your doll quilt came together very quickly and is adorable. Great work all round really!

  3. Those triangles are stunning. And I like the boys quilt too. I'm not too intimidated at the hairdressers, but the Post Office. Now that's another story!

  4. oh doll quilt is stunning! I'm with you on the hairdressers thing - they just look incredulous when I tell them I dont want to use straighteners every day, or style it whilst I dry it...
    Glad the Go mat turned up, remember, keep a note of when you use it this time! Oooh do a photo record too! That'd be awesome to have to send them if you needed to!

  5. Oh wow I love the colours in that quilt. You've certainly had a productive day. I like the idea of super groomed hair but in reality I'm not that sort of person. I'm also not great in the mornings so need to have a hair style that can cope with being slept on. On the rare occasion I go to the hair dressers people tend to get shocked at how different I look when my hair doesn't look like I've been pulled through a hedge backwards!

  6. It'll be interesting to see how you get on with the mat - are you keeping count?!
    I really love that baby boy quilt! It looks fantastic!

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  8. great work today susan the quilts are adorable..............and accuquilt well they did well too hope you can keep a count on how many cuts you do !!

  9. Both quilts are amazing but I wouldn't expect anything different from you (in spite of the pin cushion).

    I am with Sarah you need to keep a photographic journal. You just may need it.

    I love getting my hair cut - I love primping too! I am cutting my chopped one week from today. I can't wait!!!

    Have a great day (or is it night for you already?).

  10. Way to go with all those triangles on the doll quilt.
    I love max & whiskers too but only have a half yard of the 'hexi' type print that im hanging onto (I often wonder what is the point of loving something and then not using it i.e. not being able to appreciate it!)

  11. Some lovely finishes!!

    I don't use products on my hair, I don't colour it but I do blow dry it, I also have it cut regularly. I can't be bothered messing it about with either my hair or with makeup for day to day, anyway I get too hot at work and makeup melts and I look like a panda!

  12. Wow! What a productive day Susan! I love that boy quilt. I know how hard it is to get things to be truly boyish, especially if they're not for tiny boys - which would explain why my almost 10 yr old is still waiting hopefully for a quilt! I love the originality of the shape of your DS doll quilt and the back looks great too! Now you need to slow down 'cos you're making the rest of us look bad!

  13. OK, you get to pass GO, maybe not collect the £100 as the DS is not heading in my direction - but you are forgiven!

    The DP quilt is beautiful.

    New hair pic please!

  14. Love the doll quilt, it's so crisp and fresh! Also love your boy quilt, so lovely and you're really inspiring me to use my drunkards path die. I hate hair product too btw - but my hair is super duper straight so I have no need! Lucky that, most days I can't even find my brush and you would never know! Teehee (I'm sticking out my tongue right now!) I want some pics of the new hair too :-)

  15. Looks like "Just get on" worked. Love both of those finished beauties!

    I can totally see the difference with that pin cushion.

    Hair Product Queen Here but I still dont like going to have my hair cut.

  16. Blimey lady, are you trying to embarrass the rest of us?! I love both quilt finishes, totally different but totally cool too. I also wish you luck with the new cutting mat. I wish they'd invent a cutting machine that cuts any shape I tell it to (via the PC) so no need to expensive dies and doesn't require a stitcky mat thing...then I might consider investing!

  17. Love the drunkards Path quilt...sooo nice!! Glad you've found your mojo and got back to sewing! :o)

  18. well, it looks like you have had another productive day! Your boy quilt looks amazing, as does your DS doll quilt, love the colours in that.
    I did make a start on the centre star for my tablerunner, but the fabrics are not right - aagh

  19. I love your little boy quilt and your beautiful DS quilt. They're so great!

    Well done Accuquilt...but will this one hold up better than the last? hmmm....

  20. Those mini quilts are amazing, I esp. like the back of the hexie one, v.clever! Jxo

  21. Love the Max & Whiskers quilt Susan, and your DS DQ!!!

  22. Oooh, lots of beautiful lovelies there, fab doll quilt, and love that baby quilt.

    BTW, I get the same reaction at the hairdressers - 'What do you mean to never use a drier?! And you use off the shelf shampoo from Tesco in large sizes? How couldyou allow Herbal Essences to touch your hair' The answer is, of course, quite easily ;o) Of course that may explain why I only go through the trauma twice a year...

  23. Great makes again Susan - you are turning into superwoman getting everything packed and out the door - I got nothing done - ok my Christmas fabric arrived and I read the Tute on cutting it...!

  24. love your quilts - the doll quilt is spectactular (are you sure you sent it to me here in oz - don't want it lost in the post!) and the ds quilt is just gorgeous - will be making one of these very soon

  25. and i meant the DP quilt ref gorgeousness - oops

  26. A post full of lovelies! Love your doll quilt - your partner is very lucky! The DP boy quilt is wonderful, another lucky recipient! Hope the haircut went well - I used to hate it until I found my fabulous hairdresser (at a wonderfully friendly salon). She's been cutting my hair for about 12 years and I'd follow her to the other end of the country if she moved!

  27. I don't know where to start admiring all your makes. I LOVE that DS quilt. It's really beautiful, and your boy quilt is fab! I'm interested to hear how you get on with the new cutting mat.
    I have the same trauma at the hairdressers, but with added Horror when they hear my husband dyes my hair for me, using supermarket hair dye!

  28. Well look at you! Both quilts are fabulous darlin' :-)

    I only get my hair cut maybe twice a year... I'm bad I know. I just can't bear to part with it. I've always had a lady godiva fantasy, but it just won't grow that long!


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