Monday 31 October 2011

New Stuff!

With a happy heart I tell you I have a new Go! Baby. Woohoo! Yippee! And all that sort of thing. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but it sits there patiently waiting. I am very impressed with Accuquilt's customer service in respect to this. I showed them photos of what has happening and they sent me the replacement. Now I can have a Go! like the rest of you - one that doesn't mangle cutting mats and the backs of dies alike.

Suppose I had best start composing my Christmas wish list and the dies that I would like to add to the three I have. Does anyone have a die in particular they have found really useful? Does anyone want me to get a die so that I can cut fabric for them? Not joking, more than happy to do a little cutting on the side for friends. The charms that Cindy sent me to cut into Drunkard's Path blocks took less than ten minutes to do as they were already the right size for cutting.

Last night I sat and listened to telly. I didn't actually watch because I was spending all my time squinting at that cushion top where the quilting went wrong, picking out the stitches. What a palaver!!! It was definitely the thread and not me. It was split, so hard to catch with the seam ripper, those bits not split wanted badly to be just like the rest and made picking out very tiresome indeed. But it is done, and I have spent today getting all seven (the current count) cushion covers stuck to the fleece and quilted.

I'm not going to show you today though. Instead I am going to show you what I received from the Scrappy Swap. My secret partner was a fellow Canadian and she got me spot on.  So I would like to send a huge thank you out to Deanna, who can be found blogging here. She makes the sweetest dresses for her little girl.

There is a great selection of scraps,
and I now have some Russian dolls of my own! Woohoo!

Check this out. Not one but two needle books. Both perfect.
I love fabrics with birds on them, and owls are the best.
Now I can have my perle needles with my perle threads,
and my hand quilting needles not getting lost because they are soooooo small.
Check out this owl.
It is embroidered on, not a printed one.
I cannot stress how incredibly tiny these stitches are.
I am so impressed I am at a loss how to express myself.
(And I just know that Rhonda will be piggin' sick with jealousy!)
These extras are priceless.
An Alberta patch so something to represent where Deanna lives.
And just read what she did to that box of Smarties.
How on earth did Deanna get the idea that I am vaguely adverse to housework?!?!
Deanna, you have sent me the perfect package. Thank you so much. And also a big thank you to Kat for organising the swap. It was loads of fun. I hope my package makes it to its destination soon.



  1. What a great parcel!! Enjoy your allergy medication ;o)

  2. Are you really serious? Will you really cut fabric?

  3. I am so glad that you have got it all sorted out! And just keep taking those Smarties . . .

    Pomona x

  4. Oh those goodies are! Love the cute wee owl - best keep it away from Hadders! Jxo

  5. Im so pleased to Go! people came through for you. We'll have to have a cut-a-thon together ...

    Love your scrappy swap package . How cute is that little owl!

    I need some of those anti allergy pills.Send some on over.

  6. If only you could get the housework done in 10 minutes! Yummy scraps and I think I remember seeing them. Enjoy using them and those GORGEOUS little needle books. Lovely!

  7. Glad your Go! issue has been sorted. Oooh lovely package! Still excited about getting mine. I was worried mine should have got to my partner before now and as I'd heard nothing I went and checked and she's said in the group she's received it 4 days ago. She's obviously working on a really GOOD thank you :-)

  8. he, he, love that package: she has obviously done a lot of research :-)

  9. Oooh, what a fab parcel, love the anti-allergy pills ;o)

  10. Fab parcel! Remind me which dies you have, and I might get you one I need for your christmas! ;-)

  11. Lol, that is so perfect for you! Enjoy :-)

  12. what a fabulous parcel, you lucky girl you. How brilliant that Accuquilt have turned up trumps.

  13. Oh what a brilliant package or two!
    Try not to break the new Baby!

  14. Oh you are so very right!!!! I love it! I am officially "piggin' sick" jealous although I am not sure what that really means. BUT I am sure that is what I am!

  15. Great packages, both! Lovely goodies indeed!

  16. loving those little needlebooks, so cute x

  17. haha - enjoy the 'pills' - hopefully they don't cure you of the 'anti' dusting, laundry etc etc.


  18. enjoy your pills what a great parcel to the little owl!! both are beautiful

  19. Lovely package Susan and glad the Go people came up trumps! Be sure to take your medication and remember that it should not be shared - Helen and Emily hands off! Hehe!


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