Thursday 6 October 2011

We Have a Winner!

Right, here I sit at my computer and if you are reading this it means that I actually succeeded in using Mr Random Number Generator. You can't hear me take a deep breath. I am sure that life was vaguely easier before I started all this blogging stuff - but it was not necessarily as fun!

Woohoo! I did it! And you don't know how relieved I am that it didn't pick a really high number so that I had to work the way through all my unnumbered comments. Please wait here while I go count to 18...

... Thank you for your patience. The winner is -

Maggie said...
Oh such yummy fabric! Thanks for the generous giveaway chance. And I'm sorry about the car! Chocolate does cure all ills!

Maggie, I've sent you a message so if you could get back to me in the next couple of days with your postal address those Punctuation FQs will be headed your way.

I have spent all morning - when I wasn't at the Harvest Festival school service - sending partner assignment messages to everyone participating in the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap. Now the fun begins and we all get stalking. I love this bit, the searching, and thinking, and planning.

And Mr. Postman continues his spate of generosity to me. I had forgotten that I won yet another giveaway from my friend Kat over at Diary of a Flutter.Kat  but I got a lovely reminder when it popped through the letterbox. I now have something to keep me from flapping all the time.

Latest vinyl wall art in my Happy Place

Some wall art. Now to consider where to put it. With the rice incident this week the kitchen may be good, but then my wee office needs some calming. Would the dining room, where I do my sewing, by appropriate? I will have a ponder. I haven't had a good ponder in a while.

Kat also included some of her scraps, which surprised me as I thought she had none left as she had sent them all to me already.

And that is my Wednesday, so far. I have a good case of laryngitis going now so the girls are going to have a great old time with me this afternoon. I could say 'Wait until your father gets home!' in a hoarse whisper but he has been suffering from the same cold so there is a chance we will be relatively mute together. How come the children never lose their voices, only us?



  1. Congratulations to Maggie! I hope your throat feels better soon.

    BTW - it's Thursday. :oD

  2. Aw sorry to hear you've a poorly throat (great for the kids!). Congrats to Maggie! Get well soon. Hugs Jxo

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. Chief completely lost his voice on Sunday - woke up and he had a sore throat and no volume so that scuppered another get together for us.

  4. Congratulations, Maggie! Your poor throat - I hope you feel better soon...would some chocolate help?! Think that cold has you trapped in a time warp ;o)

  5. Congrats Maggie!

    Oh what a shame you are poorly, I hope you won't be too ill to go camping on the weekend xxx

  6. hope you start feeling better soon. Thank you so much for the partner notification, now I can get stalking and start thinking!
    Congrats to Maggie

  7. sorry you're a bit hoarse, hope you're taking lots of hot lemon and Honey! Partner assignation seems to have gone really well, lots of folk seem almost as happy as I am! Good job honey, hope the throat heals soon. x

  8. Congrats to Maggie, and sorry you're feeling crappy, but I hate to say it, it's Thursday, you've lost a day...

  9. Congrats to Maggie!! I can send you a link for numbering comments, which Di kindly sent me - it works although I posted the code twice and it got confused but in the end it worked.

    Sorry to hear you`re not feeling great but I doubt it will keep you down. V.happy with my partner, and glad you got the mat sorted!

  10. Congratulations Maggie!

    Flash cards with instructions and admonishments - that's what you need. Anything done in capitals is shouting. I bet your girls will understand- they're from the technology age.

    Get better fast...whisky need whisky.

  11. Well done Maggie.
    How about some hot choc for the throat?

  12. Congratulations to Maggi and hope you feel better.

  13. I recommend Dr. Jameson for a bad throat. Well, for anything really.
    Well done Maggie

  14. Congratulations Maggie.
    I hope you're feeling better very soon.

  15. I suppose I should congratulate Maggie...
    *whispers... Congratulations...

    Ok so I'm a bit huffy. You win all of mine and random org generator doesn't even have the decency to pick me for even ONE of yours hurumph ;) lol..

    I hope that your throat is feeling better soon! I bet my kids wish I'd lose my voice this week.



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