Monday 24 October 2011

The Quilter Has Left the Building

I'm gone, escaped, scarpered, not here. I've done a runner, with the girls, and can currently be found here -

Photo from Google Images
While in London we are hoping to do a bit of the cultural thing -

National Gallery (borrowed image again)
And much more exciting, we are going to see Wicked on Tuesday night. Can't wait.

I will return with a full report, a full tummy (oh, the excitement of all that choice of ethnic cuisine - I cannot wait), tired feet and happy hearts - I hope. Enjoy the beginning of the week, whatever you are up to.



  1. You may and may not get this but I hope you have a great time.

  2. have a wonderful time :-) no embarrassing the girls singing along too loud like I would... lol

  3. Yeay! have a fab time, you should all paint your faces green, it is nearly Halloween after all.. :) x

  4. Hope you're having a fun time. I was almost shouting at the lap top 'In a Phone Box?' when I saw the first photo. I can be soooo silly at times ;-)

  5. Have a great, great time! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home. xx

  6. Oh I'd love to be having fun there, especially in the National, I LOVE that place :o)

    Enjoy your getaway!

  7. I'm so envious that my face almost matches Elphaba's ;o) Have a great time!

  8. I believe you are now a little too close for comfort!

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time! Gem saw Wicked last year with school and loved it!!


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