Monday 10 October 2011

Here a Block, There a Block

Everywhere a block. I've been catching up on my blocks that I needed to make and send out to various people. I dug into the stash and chose two fabrics to use in some charity blocks. No! I did not take the ugliest ones I could find, thank you very much. Besides, I gave away all the truly ugly ones!

For Bee Blessed, I made two 12.5" blocks in their October Disappearing Nine Patch design. Each month Judith posts a different blocks and welcomes donations of blocks, fabric or wadding from anyone who cares to donate. The quilts are finished by a lovely group of quilting friends that she and Sarah have and then given to families in need in Northern Ireland. You can read about Bee Blessed here and if you would like to help in any way then it would be more than welcome.

I'll get these posted this week, Judith and Sarah.
Next were four 6.5" blocks for Karen at Listen to the Birds Sing who has organised Kind Stitches to make donated blocks into light weight quilts for children in Thailand. She will take these quits with her to Thailand in November when she and her husband will be working with children who have been rescued out of the sex trafficking industry. That's just enough information to squeeze your heart strings right there, isn't it. You can read a little more about their trip here. And Karen has written a quick tutorial for the block here. If you wish to donate some blocks then Karen needs to receive them and piece them into quilt tops before they depart for Thailand so sooner rather than later would be good. (Hint, hint!) They are dead simple and fast to do.

In return today, I got blocks in the post for me. Yippee! I am the now proud owner of all 24 beautifully finished Drunkard's Path blocks for my September Bee Blocks as Sarah's blocks make my set complete. I am so happy and look how beautiful these blocks from Sarah are.

I emailed Sarah to say how perfect they were and she replied that they should be (or words to that effect!) as each curve was done a minimum of three times to achieve that. I am not sure if I won many of the bee group over to a love of curves with these blocks! But I'm happy, happy, happy. Isn't that what counts?!

Right, I'm posting early today because I am off to the Chinese supermarket before school lets out. I have promised the girls that we can have the leftover duck from last night with Chinese pancakes and the fixings, and a variety of other dim sum. Need to go rummage through the freezer cabinet at the shop. And it is Monday so it must be tap class tonight. Remind me to take a snowflake that I finished with me when I take the yarn and crochet hook this time. On Saturday I couldn't remember where to start or what to do so wasted the whole waiting time while Emily did Modern. I will need a completed one to jog my memory!

Must dash. Hope you are having a good day too.



  1. I am sort of disappointed Susan I thought you would be crocheting while you tap danced?!

    Love all your blocks - must catch up with the bee blessed ones! Would love to see all your DP blocks if you have a mo!

  2. Lovely D9P blocks Susan. Thanks so much for your wee plug for Bee Blessed and your support.

  3. I love those circles, but glad I wasn't in this one. I will have a go one day though

  4. Cool! You have all your blocks back!!! We need a picture!!!

    Also... test test test. Is this any better?

  5. oh you beat me to the blocks for J, S & K - they are on my list for this evening!

    Am I the only one who loved the DPs? Or have you unpicked mine?

  6. I loved them the day after they were finished by the way ;-) Thanks for the reminder, must do some charity blocks :-)

  7. Love your charity blocks - have the fabric to do some, just not the energy...must try harder!! Do we get to see the group photo of all your bee blocks now?! I'm getting impatient!!

  8. I always take simple knitting to swimming club - the light is so bad, and I am always so dozy on a Friday night that it needs to be easy - I quite sympathize with your crochet memory lapse!

    You have been a busy bee (oh dear) - I wish I could work as fast as you!

    Pomona x

  9. lovely blocks, you have been busy:love Nickys comment!

  10. Lovely blocks Susan and can`t wait to see the DP quilt blocks pieced!

  11. You're a block making machine my friend and they all look wonderful.

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to fall wildly in love with the DP quilt once it's all put together. Cant wait to see all those gorgeous blocks at once. Talk about eye candy.

    I had Peking duck pancakes Saturday night - I love those things and could probably eat a hundred.

  12. Fab blocks all round. Love chinese supermarkets, but they can entice you with all sorts of things that you end up looking at afterwards and wondering what to do with (that may be just me though!)

    Good luck with the snowflake. If all else fails, you can always make a snowball...

  13. Love these blocks, thanks so much! Jxo

  14. Great blocks all. How do you pack it all in? :) x


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