Thursday 20 October 2011

Got to Get Me Some of That

With serendipitous timing this morning I read Lynne's post about fusible fleece being used in the making of quilted cushion covers. As my goal today was to start making some cushion covers for this Christmas Market I keep harping on about I preceeded sewing with a little bit of internet shopping and ordered me some of that fleece. The very fact that this stuff means I won't have to use a backing when I quilt the cushion covers means an instant savings. My fall back up to now for lining cushion covers was ugly fabric but I gave most of that away, so might have had to actually use fabric I liked. (Horrible thought!)

So I sewed tops in anticipation of the fusible fleece showing up here in a few days time. The first cushions were aimed at children. All fabrics came from my stash.

I may have to leave the badmington net up all winter
as it has become my defacto place for hanging blocks.
One 18" top and three 16".
There was the unadulterated girlie block that I made with some charm squares I found.
There had to be a wonky star.
You know it and I know it!
More of those girlie charms.
I intend to enhance this with quilting as I know it is a bit too white simple right now.
An attempt at a thoroughly boy cushion cover.
With one of my precious Heather Ross caravans in it.

I know the orange is a bit in your face
but I thought some heavy quilting in variegated thread would tone it down.
 Himself has headed for northern regions for a meeting. I have inherited an extra child for a play and dinner. Best figure out what I am going to feed them then!



  1. I ♥ the caravan one so bad....

  2. Love love love all of these cushion tops Susan. My fave is the wonky star - yours always look so crisp and sharp and the fabrics are totally gorgeous. I like the extra sashing you used in the D9P too - it's so interesting to see how that makes it look like little windows. And, the orange may seem bright to you but that boy cushion is cool and funky and that can be hard to achieve when so many fabrics around are girly in some way or another. Hope somebody falls in love with each of them and gives them the much loved new home they deserve!

    Yummity yum to them all!

  3. Love your cushion covers! I have used fusible fleece for the ruched happy bag I made - it is great stuff.

    Pomona x

  4. what great cushion covers, particularly love the wonky star

  5. Love your cushion covers. I'm intrigued by this fusible fleece as I have some but would still want to line a cushion if I used it for one so wonder how this stuff is different?!

  6. Love that boy one! But they will all look fab! You busy little bee!

  7. Love these covers.I think the star has the wow factor! Great! Hugs

  8. Just knocked up 4 eh? FOUR? Brilliant.

  9. Love them all, but especially the excuse to go shopping... :oD

  10. Oh, now look what you've done! Started a fight over that little caravan, but I want it too! :) lol great job Susan! They are all wonderful :) So what was for tea?

  11. I'm in the scrum for the caravan! These are lovely, remember that lots of people haven't even seen the types of fabric we work with so don't spend ages on the quilting as they look great as they are, and will sell! x

  12. they're all fab - and again, I'm sure they'll sell.

    i think i've got some of those 'girly' charm squares somewhere - have to root them out and get sewing up some christmas gifts

  13. Got to get me some of what you`re on - 4 in a day!

  14. Love the wonky star one -interestid how the backing works out -it seems so expensive.

  15. Love those cushions, especially good to see the D9P with sashing.
    Have you tried muslin as a backing to your cushion - UK muslin that is, cheap as chips!

  16. These are yummy S! Love the cute caravan too! I've no doubt they'll be snapped up. Jxo

  17. What a wonderful set of cushion covers-- each and every one of them!! They will be loved and appreciated!
    Yes, I've been reading about this fusible fleece. Might have to get some in the future! Happy quilting!

  18. I use fusible fleece all the time (usually in making of bags) and I know you will love how well it works. I got a call yesterday that my bestie from Michigan is coming for a visit this weekend. It makes so very happy. We will probably do some sewing together. BUT I had to spend last night cleaning my house! Couldn't let them see the state of it. Therefore, no sewing got done here. I love your blocks. You always make me jealous with your energy!!

  19. love your cushion tops!
    I am in love with fusible pellon. I use it ALL the time for pouches & bags and I guess I could use it for pillows too, but I just haven't sewn any recently.
    I think pellon is the same thing but maybe just not as thick? I guess I could still use it for quilting though. Must try it and see!
    Good luck!

  20. Love them all and I'll be interested to hear how you get on with the fusible fleece - I'm sure the cushions will fly off your stall!


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