Friday 21 October 2011

I am Impressed

I am very impressed actually, and I think you will be too. I believe I told you that I was wondering if the problems with my Go! Baby went further than the first cutting mat when I discussed it in this post. Well while I slept last night an email crept quietly into my inbox. It was a reply from Accuquilt to the email I sent them six days previous. They have said that they will arrange for my Go! Baby to be returned to them and a new one to be sent out to me. I am so pleased by their response and so happy that it isn't my imagination, my Go! Baby really shouldn't have been wearing like that.

I came to the realisation today that I am always lethargic on a Monday because the end of the week and weekends are always so manic. Today was that sort of day - not stressful - just non-stop, and not done yet. Tomorrow will be more so and Sunday I will be sorting things out for the girls and I to escape to London for a few days. Woohoo! Two nights there and my mum meeting up with us as well. Tickets to go see Wicked (very excited about this), and plans to go to the Sylvanian Families Shop. (If you have no idea what these are then sorry, but my girls love them. If you are in the USA then I think that they are called Calico Critters where you are.) Helen is desperate to go on the London Eye but, let's face it, if the weather is crap, and therefore the visibility too, then I am not forking out the money for us to go in one big, high, slow circle to see nothing! So we shall have to wait and see what else we do there once we have a better idea what the weather throws at us. Last time we went in an October half term holiday it was snowing when we came out from the theatre.

When I wasn't running errands, grocery shopping, cooking, etc today, I did three more cushion covers. One ultra girlie one, and two boy ones.

No sunshine to brighten them up today!
My attempt at shabby chic.
Some of those fabrics were so good at the 'faded' look
that I was hard pressed to tell which side was the reverse.
Delved deeper in to my stash and found the firetrucks in there.
Testament to my early days of quilting and making baby quilts for all my friends who were still breeding.
I sort of want every cushion to be unique
so altered the fabric around on the these two boy cushions.
It may have been a busy day, but it's been a good one. I like when I have accomplishments to show at the end of the day. Which makes the can't be arsed days all the stranger. Because I am usually annoyed with myself when I manage to do nothing all day - unless I am really, really tired and then I couldn't care less.



  1. Glad to hear the good news on your Baby is nice to know they back their product so well...dnjoy it. I;m still waiting to win one..haha

  2. So glad they got back to you and are going to replace your Go Baby - I should think so too!! Love the cushion covers and I'm very envious of you getting to see Wicked - my parents saw it last year and LOVED it! Have a great time!

  3. Well thank goodness Accuquilt came up with the goods...and so envious of your trip to London. I heart London so much and really miss it. I`m sure your lovely cushions will sell like the proverbial hot cake.

  4. I love the shabby chic one - just my style! I am glad that Accuquilt responded so positively - and I am sorry that you have had such hassle - I feel sort of responsible. Let's hope the new one turns up quickly!

    Pomona x

  5. Glad you are getting a replacement Go - let's hope you see a big diference.

  6. I am entirely impressed that Accuquilt is stepping up. Well done, you, for getting your voice heard. Bonus points for the Go! Baby (finally).
    Have a great, great time at Wicked. I'd love to see that too!

  7. Go! You Baby!
    I assume they will want to take your old one apart and evaluate every nut and bolt - or just make sure you are not a fibber!!
    Hope they send you 2!

    Fun cushions!

  8. Go-tastic result there! Would love to see Wicked! I have the book to read. You are a one woman cushion machine and I'd vote for the Eye trip too. Loved it when I went for a birthday treat one year!

  9. Excellent news Susan! Let's hope they throw in a few extras for good measure!

    Great cushions in the making and enjoy London!

  10. I'm glad the Go! people are replacing your Baby. Good for them!

    My daughters are 29 and 31 and they had Sylvanians when they were wee. In fact, I think they're still all in my attic! :o)

    Have a fun time in London.

  11. So glad they're replacing it!
    I love those fire trucks :)
    My friend is OBSESSED with sylvanian families - she's 26. I think they're addictive!

  12. Glad your defective Go is being replaced! Ultra jealous you're off to see Wicked... Thats going to be fantastic :-)

  13. Oooo I saw Wicked a couple of years ago, it was fab, you'll love it! (can't say the same about the Sylvanian families shop though!) Cushions looking great, and stick with making unique, I do that and it stops me getting bored (and makes each cushion more special!)

  14. I love these covers...they are all very pretty. You are a busy bee! Have a good weekend! Hugs

  15. Yay for Accuquilt finally coming to their senses!

    Have a great time in London - hope you do get on the Eye, the view is fantastic :o)

    Cute cushion covers too.

  16. Have a well deserved break in London. My eldest saw Wicked earlier this year and said it was Totally Awesome - the girls will love it. Jxo

  17. yay for baby go glad they are taking notice .enjoy your few days in london love it this time of year when christmassy stuff is coming into the shops,fraid i dont know what wicked is think i must be an old fogey :)))

  18. You have been busy again with the cushion covers, they are looking great. Sounds like you have a busy couple of days coming up: enjoy London. We saw Wicked last year and it was awesome, have a great time

  19. Glad to hear Accuquilt is as great as I've heard they are. I hope Sunni at Love Affair With My Brother was helpful.

    Also, I'm an usher at The Fox Theater here in Atlanta, and absolutely LOVED "Wicked". Make sure you show up on time, because they have a curtain hold that lasts forever at the beginning of the show. So if you're late, you're not going to be taken to your'll need to stand at the back or in the lobby. Same thing happens with the intermission. So be early! You're going to love it. Lovely costumes, and talented singers.


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