Sunday 15 May 2011

I Remember When Weekends Were Relaxing

I am not sure if weekends used to be more relaxing or if I just attained a much higher level of laziness back then - in those days before husbands, and children, when you did things to your own schedule - or not at all because there was no one to upset but yourself if something didn't get done. Oh yes, I remember it well!

But that was then and this is now and, no matter what levels of tiredness I achieve, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

So I made the pancakes this morning for three hungry girls. They kept a tally chart to make sure that they all got the same number. Wouldn't their teachers be proud to know that they are utilising the knowledge they get from school so well?! I am including photos mostly for Hadley's benefit because I like to torment her.

Ready to flip...

... and ready to eat. Don't worry, there are lots more to come.
And if you are still hungry some of Helen's cakes are still left -

Midday we returned someone else's child to their home and did a quick shop to top up on ingredients. Top tip - don't let your children near the deli counter if you are in a soft mood because you will end up buying most of the contents. Home with enough sausage rolls, pasties, spring rolls, samosas, pork pies, scotch eggs and the three things we actually needed and it was time to start preparing food (again).

Emily was in charge of the gyozas. These are Japanese dumplings and mine could eat their body weight in them. Another top tip - Never, ever take your children into Yo! Sushi unless you want to drop a lot of money. To quote Emily, 'I love a restaurant where you just have to reach out and take the food you want as it goes by.' Yeah, don't we all! But I digress, dumplings needed to be made.

Emily gathered the ingredients -

Complained that she wasn't in the photo -

Mixed the filling ingredients together and got the assembly going -

That was her job done. (Well, I helped a little but not much really.) The cooking part will be mine. Helen prepped the veggies for the noodles and we are about to make the pancakes for the Crispy Duck with Pancakes. The half a duck is in the oven. I think we are in control. (That's why I thought I could sneak away and write this.)

Between this and that today I managed to make four more stars. I have placed my rotary cutter in the first photo to show you the scale as two of the stars are the smallest I have made so far. The blocks currently measure 3.5 inches. I quite like them.

This last one, in bright greens, I just love because of the cheeky  monkey fussy cut -

And now it is almost 6pm, dinner is going to be late, and I am on tenterhooks because in two hours time they will be sending out the emails that tell all of us who have signed up for the Brit Quit Swap who our secret recipient will be. My first ever swap. Yippee!



  1. Love the stars, love the cooking pics, thank you, and have had an idea, thanks Emily!

    A fabric shop that has gorgeous prints on the conveyor belt that you sit and wait for them to come to you, maybe with the odd cupcake or pot of tea coming round once in a while to keep up fabric-stroking stamina! Anyone want to go into business with me!!?

  2. The food looks goooood and that photo of Emily is totally adorable. Hope your swapee is a good one.


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