Friday 13 May 2011

The Day That Blogger Forgot

Well, after most of the day with Blogger down I return to see yesterday's post is still missing. I would like to see it returned. It couldn't be that easy, could it. I wonder how many other blogs out there are missing posts as well. All? Some?

I have a full report on the Frienship Cake but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Blogger kept all us Blogger people on hold all day and now there are more pressing things like dinner to attend to.

So appologies to all who have stopped by to see or hear any news from me. I shall return, upbeat and ready to take on the world tomorrow. Right now I have a hungry stomach or two to feed. Enjoy your Friday night.



  1. I am missing the last post from my blog as well...


  2. My last post is missing too :-(

  3. Eveyone's has gone AWOL since some funny American time yesterday, which I haven't bothered to work out!

    Mine still appears in draft status, as I wrote it the night before, but I won't republish until they give up trying to fix it, as it's not my job when I get home, and I want my Comments back too!!!

    Happy Friday the 13th x

  4. Yes, my last posting is still missing too! Boooo! Jxo

  5. It's a bit spooky really - I think there could be a film in it somewhere.
    "The Day that time forgot"
    "Not Groundhog Day"

  6. Err just noticed the title of your post. I feel a bit stupid now!

  7. I'm still waiting for my one of my post to re post...I'll give it the weekend and then I'll do it myself....


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