Saturday 16 April 2011

Works In Progress

Despite not having anything to show you in way of completed projects I am moving forward slowly but surely, sort of, maybe.

I have sewn as many pinwheels as I can until more Moda Solids grey, that I have ordered, appears on the doorstep. It is coming from the USA as neither my local shop nor the couple of online UK shops that I checked had any of that particular shade in stock. So my parcel may appear within days or it could be weeks. I know that the Fat Quarter Shop has sent it because they told me so. Now it is in the hands of the postal service. Sometimes they surprise me in a nice way - sometimes they don't. All I can do is wait and see.

I have completed eight pinwheels with more success than anticipated (that means I didn't have to pick out any stitches). Here is how they are looking so far and a nice peek at the ratty grey dining room carpet. Lucky you!

So while I wait for my fabric to be delivered I have started cutting two inch squares again. Why on earth do I start these projects? Because I am not good at ignoring them once I do get started. Now I am looking at these mini blocks and thinking that rather than having a blue/pink/red little quilt I would prefer to have the blue separate and I have a sneaky suspicion that I have now increased my work load incredibly. Meanwhile, I am blunting my rotary cutter at an alarming rate. Please note the state of my cutting mat too. I do think I shall have to invest in a new one very soon.

That mini stack of fabric on the left for 'The Reds' is waiting to be cut up into 2" squares. Oh joy!

And lastly, I shall catch you up on my crocheting. I have been rethinking my design due to my human error on eBay the other night. As I won't have as much yarn as I wanted I shall work around the limitations. I do have the soft brown skeins but once I got started on this I decided that it didn't work as a colour combination that was going to make me happy. Meanwhile, my little stack of granny squares is growing -

And that's it for me. I have to go and find the dining room table under all my paraphernalia so that we have somewhere to eat our dinner tonight. I dream of a sewing room all of my own - but this is okay for now. The last house the sewing had to go in the conservatory which sounds way more posh than it was. It had no heat or electricity so in the winter it was nigh on impossible to work due to hypothermia. In the summer it was too sweltering in there and in the evenings I would have had to have had braille put on the sewing machine controls. And any fabric I inadvertently left out was quickly ruined in the sunlight. I didn't get much sewing done in that particular house. So, yes, the dining room may not be ideal but in retrospect it is great!



  1. Hello, just found you via Brit quilt! Am totally with you on the international postage topic! It seems to be pot luck for how many weeks we have to wait, and I got stung with import tax the other day - ouch!

  2. I've left you a rather long comment on your pay in forward post and completely forgot to mention that I'm in Rugby...Not at all far from you! So not only are you not far from a quilter...your not that far from a fellow Canadian! How cool is that! :o)


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