Monday 11 April 2011


Today I haven't...

... done any sewing.

Today I haven't...

... picked up my crochet hook.

Today, I haven't worried about dinner...

... because dinner is sorted.

Today, I...

... sat and drank cups of tea with friends.
 And watched our children play - together.
 We ate sausages in buns.
And Rice Krispie Squares.

It's been a good day.



  1. Oh Dear, no sewing, no cooking, no crocheting; what's happened? Hope you're not suffering huge guilt pangs ;-). Seriously, we're all allowed to take a day off! Enjoy. Knowing you I expect tomorrow you'll be fully charged, firing on all cylinders, and super productive!

    Big Bro

  2. Cool day - glad you had fun!

  3. Sounds lovely, I am very envious! And you got the last of the best weather!

  4. That just sounds like heaven - good for you!

  5. Heh, canadian abroad.

    I like your use of Pips fabric. I did a crazy quilt with my pips, see it at
    leave me a comment!


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