Tuesday 22 September 2015

Things That Make Me Happy

Colonial knots. They always  make me happy.

Cheeky chickens thinking they are moving in. To clarify, them moving in is not going to happen and doesn't make me happy. Their cheeky and optimistic faces do.

What makes you happy?



  1. Holidays and fabric make me happy...along with smiles and walking in the sunshine oh and the sound of rain on the roof at night when I'm in bed.

  2. Snatching a few hours at home on my own to do with as I please. Usually behind the sewing machine of course. LOL.
    Those chooks are so cheeky!

  3. Beautiful hand quilting pictures and chickens with attitudes! Seriously, spending a beautiful day outside, making a dinner that isn't awful and sitting in front of a fire at night. In other words, my day today!

  4. Seeing your colonial knots makes me happy. Doing them makes me happy. And finally having pouch linings which fit the pouches makes me happy (although all the unpicking and trimming I've had to do to get to that point doesn't!) - hope the hens are still behaving!


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