Thursday 10 September 2015

Why Work On One Project...

... when you can work on something different each day?

Okay, I will admit it. I've gone a bit silly being currently free of commissions. September has become my month to do what I wish. And I wish to do it all, or so it seems. Each day I wake up with a new idea of what to work on, or what to start.

The latest was my decision to make something - for me - with some of my very precious Farmdale blossoms fabric. I wanted to feature the fabric so needed to keep is simple. So I made a very simple linen and Farmdale star block.

And then I broke out the perle cotton. Or should I say I dug through the container full of perle cotton and decided I didn't have the right colours, other than the red and pink, and then I spent quite a while online searching for just the right shades available in a shop here in the UK. (Yeah, I snuck some fabric in too because you have to. It's in the rules.)

I went around the inner star with the red and then had an idea of what to do next.

Stitch in the ditch with the black. I'm using stem stitch and I am loving the way it looks. When I project doesn't have a plan I love how it evolves along the way. And I love how a simple addition like this can totally change the way something looks. I think I may also be in love with black perle cotton and you can expect to see more in the future in all probability.



  1. It's stunning already so goodness knows how marvellous it'll be when finished! I love that September is your 'make what I want' month - we should all have one of those!

  2. Its gorgeous, one of my fave prints that. Love selfish sewing!!

  3. Selfish stitching is the best!!

  4. Oh that Farmdale is just beautiful. Your handstitching is always perfect.

  5. the black stitching works in so well with the real stems. Love a bit of embroidery

  6. "Make what I want" . . good idea!


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