Sunday 6 September 2015

Stitch Tease - A New Round

Stitch Tease Bee is starting a new round with some new members, one being my long time friend Nicky, who is also hosting the first month.

Nicky asked us to make blocks inspired by the Alhambra and using oranges as the predominate shade, touches of teal and neutral/gray as the background. These guidelines gave us a lot of scope to decide what to make and these are the two blocks I came up with for Nicky.

And then this one.

I found the drunkard's path curves much easier to sew than the matching of all the points in the second block, but I am happy with them both. The various blocks that have already been made for Nicky are going make for a fabulously interesting quilt. I can't wait to see this one evolve.



  1. I love those blocks and the colours are wonderful!

  2. Nicky is going to have another beautiful quilt to see together. Your blocks make a perfect addition.

  3. love the orange Alhambran colours in this, will be one special quilt. Enjoy your strip teasing this year

  4. Perfect interpretation. Lovely juxtaposition of fabric colours.


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