Tuesday 15 September 2015

Distracted (ish)

Silly stuff takes away from the important stuff like sewing. Cars that need repairs. Kids calling home from school asking to come home because they don't feel well. (She's fine now it seems.) And life in general. Focus is hard to maintain.

Then my husband goes and gets us an Amazon box thingy for our TV. Suddenly I have access to Outlander, a series I have wanted to watch since I read the books and found out they had made them into a series. Totally distracted by Jamie truth be told.

Ordering fabric for my next commission and chickens tap, tap, tapping at the window into the dining/sewing room - amusing me and, yes, distracting me.

The excitement of the first egg. Yesterday Daydream Buritto proved to be the winner in the race to lay. They are all young chickens and this will have been her first egg. It is a tiny thing but oh so wondrous despite that. And it was added to the fried rice tonight.

The time I have had for sewing has been limited but enjoyable. I have been adding a few more bits of perle to the Farmdale cushion cover. The black is done, and when I stood back to look at it I found that the red was too bold for me. I wasn't pulling it all out though. I'm far too lazy for that. I decided that I would soften it with some pink adjacent to it. I liked it so much I have started putting pink on the other side too.

I love the evolution of a handmade item. The way it tells you if it needs a little bit more of this or less of that. This is probably why I so often work without a well thought out plan. I'd rather let the project let me know which direction to take.



  1. oooh you got outlander then, thats you sorted! congrats on the first egg, and farmdale is of course looking lovely x

  2. I haven't seen Outlander either - one day. You may enjoy this blog from the costume designer of the series - some great close ups of the costumes and details on them.

    Have a great week.

    PS: Totally sympathise with the car repairs - we had a $750 dollar one last week!!

  3. Outlander has passed me by , and no we don't need yet another TV subscription . Apparently you need them all for the footie

  4. I can't wait to see the finished cushion as that tiny Farmdale print is one of my favorites. I have a little over a yard of it and can't bear to cut it out until I find the perfect project(s)!:)

  5. I've only read the first Outlander book - I think I need to order the rest and then start from the beginning! Love that cushion cover!

  6. Dear me . . that stitching is so lovely.


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