Tuesday 1 September 2015

Back To Work

Well back to work in as much as making quilts can be considered work. Which we know it isn't, really. It's what we like to do and if any of us can make a penny or two to fund the fabric budget then woohoo and all that.

So I have been cutting, and cutting some more. That's 300 2.5" Kona white squares on the right. Needless to say sugar fueled the cutting marathon.

And I have been piecing like a demon. Seriously just getting on with it. You would be so proud. But there is a story to come. Hopefully one I can tell you tomorrow. Today I am ignoring it all.

What I did forget to show you was this amazing and beautiful Christmas mini Victoria (@sewgoclimbing on Instagram) gave me when we were in the Highlands. She made one like this before and I fell in love with it. Bless her, but she remembered how much I liked it and made me one of my own.

There are so many lovely and whimsical details in the fabrics she used. This is just fun to look at and find things that you missed the first and second time around. I cannot wait to have it out over the holidays. Though I don't think I am going to hide it away just yet.

If you are new to Instagram and looking for great people to follow then please do go check out Victoria's feed. She mixes wonderful quilting with stunning photos of the Northwest Highlands, interspersed with photos of her and her husband climbing rock faces that would scare the wits out of most people. For them it is just good fun, and sort of necessary to their happiness.

Every time I see this mini I will remember our holiday up in the far reaches of this country. I do hope we return, and not in the too distant future.



  1. sew go climbing made a beautiful mini, so says your friend sew sit on her ass

  2. it is awffy pretty, says sew freakin horizontal most of the time....

  3. So pretty, the individual motifs make this just adorable. The squares look tiny, I loathe cutting so have to admit to using my Sizzix machine as much as possible for thing like this. x


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