Thursday 27 August 2015

The Final Stops On Our Grand Tour

So, it is about time I finished with these holiday posts and got back to the important stuff - like sewing and getting the girls back into school. Isn't it funny how we look forward to getting out of routine towards the end of the school year, and then can't wait for it all to kick back in again come the beginning of September? That being said. the girls were very civilised towards each other this summer which makes things so much easier. Really, really easier!

After leaving the Highlands we headed down to Dundee, where my brother and his wife has been spending a lot of time totally gutting and redoing a house in the countryside. The light is at the end of the tunnel for the renovations and they are going to have a beautiful home when the decorating is all done.

I love the kitchen character as there used to be a sawmill by the cottage and the hanging lights, green bendy light and the rough boards that will become part of the counter top are all from that former sawmill. And the view when you are having breakfast is fantastic.

I got a lovely walk in while the girls were off being entertained by their uncle. They live near an old estate where the main house burned down many years ago, but the ruins of the walled garden, stables and folly remain.

And the lane ways that cut through this former estate are lined with hedgerows that were heavy with raspberry plants in fruit. We went out in the late afternoon to do some picking (and eating). Whoever originally planted these plants had put in golden raspberries as well as the usual red. They are much the same, but sweeter, and less abundant so therefore more desirable - obviously.

And there you have it, a rarely seen photo of me. In fact, you can have two. Here's a family 'portrait' below, of us just being silly really.

We left the Dundee area and headed south to Newcastle for a couple of days. Time spent getting school shoes and the like, and enjoying a meal out with my stepsister. Then it was home again. This whole holiday was broken up by long drives. Four hours to mum's, six hours up to Sarah's, three hours into the Highlands, five and a half hours to my brother's, four hours back to mum's and four hours home again - with a detour to see Helen and Archie again.

I'm done with driving for a while, at least until the school run starts next week.



  1. Lovely photo of you being silly. Such a fun happy snap. We head home on Saturday, and I am so looking forward to my normal routine and saying hello to my machine, so I can totally relate to the way you are feeling.

  2. You've made some terrific memories with your girls this summer, and yes - it's SO much easier when they get along :-)
    I'm also very much looking forward to the routine of the Fall. Hello sewing machine!

  3. What lovely, happy pics S! So nice to see you enjoying yourself! Jxo

  4. Those six hours were very very appreciated ;-) x

  5. I have taken a full read of your Grand Tour! Awesome History and Photographs!

  6. I just got caught up reading your blog and travel recap. It looks like the 3 weeks was full of memory making good times. I swear the cottages by the sea have been used for a TV or movie location because they look all too familiar. Welcome back to your routine.

  7. The photo of the four of you together is the best! Looks like you've had lots of fun.

  8. I agree: your brother is going to have a stunning home when it's finished!

  9. Lovely reno's!.
    Nice photo Mrs CA


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