Thursday 20 August 2015


Yesterday my baby became a teenager. I think I may be traumatised. Not that her behaviour changed over night or anything. I just have to wrap my head around the idea that my baby is a teenager. It seems like a big mental milestone to me. 

We spent the day outdoors, because Scotland continues to treat us well and it was 22C and sunny most of the day. Can't argue with that. 

We went to Handa Island which hosts a huge number of puffins at the right time of year. This is not the right time of year. They've all left now, but that didn't mean there weren't other birds, beautiful scenery and a fabulous walk there. 

Besides we brought our own puffin to make up for the lack of real ones. 

Then we had cake last night. It was a birthday. We had to have cake. Emily decorated her own cake. Not the way we traditionally do things but she sure did a good job. The lion theme was inspired by the jungle print candles we bought. 

Tomorrow I'll tell you where we are now. Because we went even further north. 



  1. That sure is a mental milestone! I have another year to prepare for my youngest becoming a teenager and a secondary schooler in the same week or so, dreading it already! It's lovely to see images of your Scottish travels, wishing you a lovely time, and happy birthday to your youngest!!

  2. Happy birthday! I think it was a bigger milestone for me than my baby when he turned 13. But it's a great stage of life seeing your children become young adults.

  3. aye, you're ancient ;-p
    glad yousemall had a good day, especially the burthday gurl x

  4. Happy Birthday to your baby! My daughter starts high school this year - I have no idea where the years have gone. Enjoy your holiday - Scotland is so beautiful!

  5. This looks like a perfect way of celebrating a birthday. Happy belated birthday to Emily!

  6. Happy birthday, Emily!

    P.S. What happened to the kitkat/skittles (Smarties?) cake that Helen had planned? Too warm, perhaps?!

  7. My daughter passed that mark in April, suddenly she is not my "little girl" any more - both figuratively and literally. Enjoy it, just keep wine and chocolate handy for "those days".

  8. Happy birthday teenager
    It is even more traumatic when her the youngest reaches the milestone

  9. So this isn't accurate? Happy birthday Emily!

  10. I have no advice except... drink more!


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