Thursday 1 October 2015


I got busy doing stuff and forgot to do a blog post.

Some of the stuff I've been doing.

I made thirty blocks for the next commission quilt. Now I've started working on the sashing.

I got a steam cleaner and actually got a strange thrill cleaning my kitchen floor. Enough said. I promise to try to never discuss it again.

I found out if you slow cook lamb shanks and use red wine in the sauce, that consumption of the remaining part of the bottle of red wine can cause a reduced amount of care in the presentation of said dinner.(It turned out to be a surprisingly strong red wine.)

And I received my lucky dip destash envelope from Amanda of Westwood Acres Fabrics. She didn't wish to list everything she was looking to sell off individually so asked if anyone was interested in a $50 flat rate, get what you get, stuffed envelope. I, of course, shot my hand in the air as fast as possible. What a wise move it was.

Hello Darling scraps. Liberty squares. A Meadow Friends quilt kit. Patterns. A myriad of FQs - including two Farmdale ones (seriously - the yellow crosshatch and the circle one below it). And a box of ten Aurifil threads. Happy me!

So life has been busy. Interesting. Social too. Mrs Heart of Charnwood came over to play. I'm off to a Macmillan Coffee Morning tomorrow, and more socialising next week.

Nothing to complain about here. Except my inability to remember to fit writing blog posts into my day.



  1. Looks like you've been having fun! I get a kick out of clean floors too so I'm happy to look at your floor! What a great deal and so many lovely things, look forward to seeing what you make with it all :)

  2. What a great lucky dip destash parcel!

  3. Hi Susan! Great surprise parcel! That was much more fun than knowing what you have ordered! Should we all buy steam cleaner? if it helps to find cleaning inspiration! I'm flying home today and looking for to start sewing after the busy summer abut also to clean and fix our home ... and my sewing room! Hugs! x Teje

  4. You enjoyed cleaning the kitchen floor? I think I need a lie down...

    P.S. LOVE that envelope from Westwood Acres - what a great idea!

  5. The de stash looks fun, I particularly like the toadstool fabrics. x

  6. I never clean my floors but often look at them thinking I might buy a steam cleaner. Then I will have clean floors. And I thought it was mandatory to taste the wine when cooking , the chef's perk. It is in our house anyway. My kitchen, my rules

  7. I drink and don't clean. Sorry.


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