Sunday 11 October 2015

A Very British Weekend

I finished the weekdays in a fit of enforced drudgery, despite my much avowed dislike of housework. It turns out this is balanced finely by a little bit of pride. We had the imminent arrival of Emily's German exchange student and I didn't want her to know that things aren't always - um - up to par, shall we say.

Then the weekend was busy, in the nicest of ways. First up, I had a trip to London with just Helen and myself. We had theatre tickets. This weekend I was taking Helen out. Next weekend her dad takes Emily out. I kind of think I got the good end of the stick here. Because Emily is going to The Warped Tour. It would not be my first choice of how to spend the day. (Not sure it's his first, second or third choice but he volunteered, more fool him!)

No, I got to take Helen to The Phantom of the Opera. Not a hardship at all. And, needless to say, we had dinner in Chinatown first. It was good fun to be in London at night versus our usual daytime jaunts.

Then today we took our exchange guest for afternoon tea. Before her arrival she had expressed a wish to try 'English sandwiches' so I booked us in at the hotel where I have a gym membership. It's a country house hotel, the building originating 250 years ago, so steeped in character and thoroughly English.

And then I stirred up the age old controversy on IG about scones. Clotted cream before jam, or the other way around? Me? I'm a clotted cream first girl. Not because I think it is the right way, but because I find it much easier to spread jam on the cream than cream on the jam. For me it's that simple.

How about you? Jam first, or clotted cream? Are you of the Devonshire tradition or the Cornish way of doing things?



  1. Here in Australia it is traditional to put the jam on first, then the cream! I loved clotted cream when I was a child- my German grandmother would make it for me!

  2. I'm a jam then cream on top girl

  3. I'm a jam then cream on top girl

  4. I'll take clotted cream anyway I can get it. Sounds like a great weekend

  5. Jam then cream, or skip the scone and spoon the cream straight in!

  6. Mind has gone blank. I clearly need a scone some jam and cream to see what I do with it all before eating!


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