Friday 23 October 2015

Issue 27

Issue 27 of Love Patchwork & Quilting came out and I have two projects in it. First up I made a Christmas tree skirt. I wanted to make one because we don't have one. LPQ wanted one, but not traditional. I was happy with that.

Happy colours with a touch of gold and silver in some of the fabrics. Some gold thread used in the quilting. For me the right balance of seasonal and modern.

The other projects wasn't a commission. It was something that popped into my mind one day. I had it pictured in my brain, working out how to make it, and couldn't get rid of the idea so I sat down and made it. Thankfully I took a few notes along the way. Because when I was done I was so chuffed with it that I sent photos to Jenny at LPQ and asked if she was interested in having it as a pattern. She was. Yay!

It's a giant needle book/pouch with the pouch being an integral part of the back cover. Then on the inside of the front cover I put in little pockets for pens/seam rippers/whatever fits. And I used some of my cherished Farmdale blossom fabric. Thank goodness my imaginings worked out. I would have hated to have wasted any of it on a big mistake.

And, I have to say, it is a really easy pattern to make. Seriously, it is.



  1. The pouch is a great idea and your tree skirt is lovely!

  2. Hi Susan! I'm so happy that your projects are in this great magazine! I think this is the only quilt magazine I can find here but still it's my favourite. I love both of your projects and in fact should make skirt for the christmas tree. Great idea to add pouch for the book/pouch! x Teje

  3. great Christmas skirt, we don't have one either. And a great idea to put a pouch on the back of the needle case. The simple ideas are the best ideas.

  4. Very lucky that imagining worked out - I don't know how you could bear to use that fabric for an untried idea.

  5. Wow! I love both of these projects! The ornaments on the Christmas skirt are perfect! I really need to subscribe to this magazine. I live nowhere near a store that carries it!

  6. Love the book/pouch. I will be making one as soon as I get my copy of LPQ.

  7. Hi Susan, I am in the middle of making the travel case and wondered if you mind checking the fabric cut measurements please? In the magazine, the 'You Will Need' directions give different measurements to what is shown in Figure 3. Also, I am stumped when it comes to the 3 piece strip in Fig 3 as when I fold where directed I end up with the wrong side of the fabric showing along the top of the pocket.
    Any light you could shed on where I'm going wrong would be extremely appreciated so I can get this finished asap.
    Thanks, Tania


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