Wednesday 4 November 2015

I'm Back

Apologies, half term happened. Family took over as it is known to do. We had a great time. My mum came down and we took the girls to London for a few days. The highlight of which would be going to see Miss Saigon. I had seen it years ago but the girls wanted to see it and I had no arguments. We ate, a lot, as we do. Chinatown was on the list of places to go as per normal.

Then we came home and the next morning we were off to Southampton to import their best friend from the Isle of Wight. This visit covered Halloween. The girls are on the cusp of growing out of trick or treating. I will miss it.

Helen and Chloe went as twins, and chose not to actually trick or treat, just to come out for the fun of it with the friends that we joined for the evening. Helen got to practice her make up skills.

Emily was still good with the whole thing. Yay!

And suddenly a week had passed. The girls were back in school yesterday. I'm back to routine today. Hopefully sewing will commence tomorrow.



  1. you know, all the times we go to London I have never eaten in Chinatown. always intended to, but always en route somewhere else - generally Stamford Bridge or Twickenham or a pub to meet a friend.

  2. I want you to show me London. You always do so many fun things there. The girls look great in their face paint.

  3. Love the way you spent the break. London is great. Hope to go back soon to see cats with my girl.


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