Thursday 5 November 2015

A New Addiction

Social media is great. Follow lots of people and you are bound to get new ideas. This newest one cme from Jennifer at Ellison Lane. She was showing covered buttons turned into magnets on IG.

Yah, you know it. I was straight online ordering supplies. The next thing I knew it I was cutting fabric and making these.

Holy hell, these are fun to make. And totally addictive. I went diving into my fabric, fussy cutting.

The larger size I made are about 3/4 inch and the small ones 1/2 inch. I've ordered magnets to glue into the back. Needle minders and fridge magnets galore. Little extras for Christmas presents, or for swaps.

Next up was choosing all the HR fabrics that had fussy cuts of the right size.

I'm not the only one hooked either. Emily made a rainbow. (I think she would make more than that if I would give her free rein to do as she likes with these supplies.)

I ordered fifty of each size. I have now had to order more of the 3/4 inch ones (yes, I've made fifty already). And might just have added fifty 7/8 inch ones to the basket too. Forgot to order more magnets though. Excuse me, I have some more shopping to do.



  1. These are super cute, I used to use the big buttons and thread an elastic hair band through the loop and use for more decorative hair bands. So many used for scraps of fabric - great job

  2. I just bought a bunch of button covering things, but never thought about magnets. What a great idea!

  3. I've been meaning to make some of these for a while now (have the magnets but not the buttons) but figured there was no point in making magnets when I don't have a magnet board. Well, I do but eighteen months after buying it, it's still not on the wall... This might be the push I need as your magnets are gorgeous!

  4. I think you are perpetuating this addiction. So, so cute.....what a fun idea.

  5. so, my name is susan, and I used to be a hr addict, now i'm addicted to magnets

  6. You are so mean not telling where to order them! I urgently need a magnet before one of my kids steps into a needle!
    They look so cute! Adorable

  7. What about HR spiders? they are the perfect size, I can send you some if you like.


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