Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Winter Photos

With the weather being crap (as nice as I can word it) and daylight  hours being limited, my photographs are taking a decided turn for the worse. Sorry, but things will improve - about April.

Meanwhile, I have been reminding myself that I know how to sew. I seem to have had a break from the machine. It wasn't intended but sometimes these things happen because, quite frankly, you needed it without realising it much.

I have sent off my Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap parcel to my secret partner. As there are about 1,000 people in this swap and we were told our partner could be from anywhere within the group rather than one sub group it has been a little more difficult to keep track of the minis that I loved and hope maybe might be mine. In fact I kind of lost track of the fact that I would be getting one.

So, I sit and wait for the postie to deliver. And hope that my partner likes what she receives. I made a little extra for her. A wee pin cushion.

It would probably look better in natural light. In April then.



  1. This is so cute, Susan! I just sew also some tiny tiny pieces, so much fun when the big project on the design wall has big blocks. Now I can do some hand sewing with those little things front of the tv. We have today warmer weather than last days and just when i thought we should start to use the fireplace, there is no need for that. x Teje

  2. I don't think they could not love it. I've mostly been cursing myself for choosing a complicated mini to make, and forgetting that somebody was making one for me too. I hope you get a lovely exciting parcel very soon.

  3. Love that pin cushion and yes the indoor light is rubbish for pics at the moment. I want to block my knitting but know the moment it's all wet and pinned we'll get a lovely sunny day and I'll want to model it properly!

  4. I can't imagine organising a swap for a 1000 people! The person who does that is heroic. We have the opposite issue. The sun is so bright that it bleaches all the colour from photos. I take most of mine indoors because the colour is better!

  5. The goggle eyes on the fish look like he was scared he was about to get a pin through the nose! Beautiful and i hope the postie turns up soon for you.

  6. Such a fab little pin cushion! And a great photo despite the light.... We're entering that phase now, too, and it's been raining heavily for days. May have to break out the SAD lamp soon!

  7. Love that pin cushion! I took a photo at 2.40pm today and it was already getting dark - I think I missed daylight by about three days ;o)

  8. You shared these wee critters? Lucky recipient.


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