Tuesday 23 September 2014


We spent the weekend getting Helen's room painted and her new bed in. The new bed has been built by himself and is five foot high which allows for the her to have her bean bag chair underneath for a reading space (it's a very small room) and the bed will have a built in chest of drawers too - not yet installed but they will be shortly.

Helen was way more adept at doing the edges than I was. Both girls helped the whole weekend and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The colours are a total hit, chosen by Helen and loved by all. She is very happy with the transformation. Emily's room next then, I guess.

Meanwhile, I ordered a bunch of pom pom makers. I bought four different sized normal ones, and two different heart sizes. (One maker seems to have gone walkabouts already!) Emily is the most adept at making the pom poms. These things are super fast and easy to use, except the heart ones, at least for me. I am useless at hearts. I don't seem to be able to pull the string tight enough and they 'unravel' on me. See above, as the red heart is disintegrating. I need to practice, but this sure beats the cardboard circles used in the past. I am envisioning pom pom garland on my Christmas tree this year.

And Emily has been doing her textiles tech homework today, preparing a piece of tie dye fabric for cushion making. I love the aqua colour she chose.

But what I have been really avoiding saying is this.

Two friends in 48 hours with really crappy news. I am venting here because as much as I would like to keep some stuff off the blog this has really, really got to me. I can't really think of anything else. So please say a prayer, or think a good thought, for all those people out there suffering from this evil disease. And give someone you love a hug.


PS: I am turning off comments for this post because I am currently a bit too emotional to reply. I know everyone has been touched by cancer one way or the other. I appreciate all prayers and good thoughts sent out to those who need it. Thanks.