Sunday 30 September 2012

3rd Quarter for the FAL

The time has come, once again, for a Finish-a-Long link up and admission to successes and failures. Rhonda didn't manage any so I am not feeling so bad now. On the other hand, she did send us three amazing aprons to love and use - so I think she did pretty damn good. But this report is about me, not Rhonda.

It is not a promising report I am afraid. The summer started incredibly busy with the end of the school year. I got little done during the actual holidays, and then I aimed to make September my catch up month. Instead I decided to spend that time with the NHS keeping Emily company.

Usually I feel like a failure when I see what I haven't completed on my list but, quite honestly, right now I am so tired and caught up in the important family stuff that I made what I made and I am happy with that. No excuses, no nothing. It is what it is.

1. Finish the Birdies Quilt. Fail! But I did get more done and piecing it is a b***h I have to say. I have enough birds for another birdie quilt if I am so inclined but I am going to think of a more sensible way of doing it next time. That being said, I really like the higgledy piggledy layout that I have come up with so far.

2. Finish the Sew Stitchy quilt. Success! Love it and it is finally on its way to where it belongs, very belated posting as per normal for me.

3. Finish the French Knots from Hell hoop. Fail! And I do not give a fig if I ever finish it. Enough said on this matter.

4. Turn my Diamond Hexies into a cushion. Fail! But it is still out in the open to remind me, not buried and ignored. I do - honestly! - want to get this done.

5. Turn some rainbow hexies into a cushion. Success! My modest pile of hexies three months ago became the cushion that I sent to Kat. Which she loves, thank goodness.

6. Turn my rainbow charms into something, anything. Fail! Let's not even go there. I didn't give them a thought in the whole three months.

7. Make my HR Fan Club quilt. Fail! Time was not on my side here. It will happen, one day. For now I will leave  you with another look at yesterday's block just so you know little bits of my HR collection do get used. on occasion.

8 Combine my hexie project with my rainbow charm project. Fail! Yeah, that was just stupid wishful thinking.

Lest I look totally pathetic, I shall show you some of what I did accomplish. Bee blocks -

There are other bee blocks but some are of the secret kind, and then there was the I forgot to take a photo kind as well.

Additionally, there were the unplanned for items that slipped into the making schedule.

Let's not forget the party of the year.

And then there was a bit of family fun as well.

And that brings my FAL3Q report to a finish. Two finishes is better than none, and more than I expected. Success!



  1. You've got nothing to be ashamed of. The faces of your family say it all.

  2. You've still done more than me! If you want I'll finish your hoop for you - just post it (and thread!) up and I'll do it a bit at a time. I love all your projects, whether they're finished or not!

  3. I was convinced I hadn't finished anything, but I've just checked my original list and realise I achived one thing. Clearly its the only bit of quilting I've done in months!

  4. I'm sure wips were the last thing on your mind over the past while.
    Love the hexie pillow cover, hmmm,
    you may have given me an idea for mine ;O)

  5. I'd say you did reallywell all things considered!!!

  6. I love how you such a Canadian, apologizing in the face of such a great finish. A quilt, a quilt top and a stunning pillow, plus holidays, stunning bee blocks, including mine, and all the pressures of a sick child and such. You are perfect, you are where you need to be and making pretty things along the way. I think that those charms need to get put in the epp to go case for waiting for kids at lessons or hospitals or whatever.

  7. Yeah Susan I didn't do ANY of mine ! Mega fail on my part - huge success on yours!

  8. but you did so much!!! How can that be a fail???

  9. Hey I have Idea, give me the hoop and I'll finish those pesky French knots, cheeky me I know ;-)
    And as Charlotte said, you did so much, you can't hav failed!

  10. The things you finished were done in style - thats what counts x

  11. You are way too hard on yourself, I am breathless just looking at all you have done, finished or not.
    Hope all well with Emily now.

  12. You have done loads, and I really love the hexie cushion. Great to see all the other pics in there too.
    Do you do your mosiacs on pic monkey? When I do mine, and then try to add them to my post blogger/google tells me that I don't have enough space and I need to buy more???

  13. OMG you did loads - way more than me and I didn't even join the FAL! I know your One for the Birds has been a complete ***** to piece but I love how they now look like themed pictures on a wall. I also can't believe you parted with that hexie cushion. When I first saw Kat with a pic of it I thought she'd made one like yours doh! lol

  14. Ach you did so much more than you think, and it looks like burdy will be an awesome quilt one day ;-)

  15. Don't beat yourself up - life happens! Be proud of what you achieved! Your "Sew Stitchy" quilt is a beauty!

  16. I love the birdie quilt top. When the time is right, you'll finish it. The sew stitchy is gorgeous. The diamond hexies .. maybe not a cushion but beautiful just the same. I can't comment on everything but your work is amazing and you've had some good (and not so good) adventures that you've shared.

  17. I'd say your 3rd quarter was rocking! This post is filled with delicious eye candy that just makes me happy. Success!

  18. At least you have your priorities and bee blocks. Two lovely finishes are better than none.


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