Friday 16 December 2011

Numpty Report

The parcels have been arriving fast and furious to this house. I have to say that I love, love, love Internet shopping. Beats the alternative! I have been shoving all the boxes into himself's office. Not sure if he appreciated that when he got home. Never mind.

After some time spent in town this morning (as much as I love Internet shopping some things really do need to be done by going and doing) and completing a huge grocery shop, I came home and informed himself we had to make sense of what we had ordered and ensure that we had received the appropriate items.

Imagine my surprise to find that one of these parcels was not in fact a product of Internet shopping but a package for me. I felt so bad because poor Helen must have been wondering if her parcel had gone missing. Archie must have been beside himself with worry! (If you have not yet met Archie then please get over to the blog now and have a look see. He is the most photogenic dog going, and funny to boot. Helen, writer of said blog is even funnier and such a fab quilter.)

I opened the poor neglected package to find this -

Helen and I did an exchange of goods and I am feeling quite sorry for her because not only am I a complete numpty not opening the package for a week, but I think I came up trumps with what she sent me.

Helen was a very lucky and deserving recipient of some 'scraps' from Aneela from the Walk in the Woods line of fabric Aneela designed, and Helen used some of it to make me this fabulous hoop. I haven't shown the girls. They are starting to get very covetous towards some of the lovely gifts I receive. I am far too selfish to be dealing with that!

And this pin cushion is very me, isn't it?! I am liking having more than one pin cushion. For one, it helps when the girls are forever 'borrowing' one. I no longer have to bellow at them to bring it back. I just continue jabbing into the alternative and save the girls - and me - a lot of agro. Oh, and in case you are wondering, I have been happily consuming one of those chocolate Santas while writing this. Contrary to the advice I heap on the girls, I am sure that it won't spoil my appetite for dinner!

So it was a happy, albeit delayed, post day. I sent an email to Helen and didn't know if I should be saying thank you first, or sorry that I am such a numpty!

Meanwhile, I continue to race around in an incredible imitation of a blue arsed fly. But it is all good because I did indeed get the last parcel posted today. I made one more zippy pouch as a gift when I found that I did indeed have another zipper that went with the fabric. I didn't take a photo. Because, as we have already established, I am a numpty. I also made more stiffy snowflakes. No photos of those either!

I do however have a photo or two for my progress report on the four year long quilt make. I have officially completed the hand stitching. (Three cheers please!) I may add more stitching after I have given it for Christmas, but for now it is just fine.

I've pulled out all the basting pins, and some stitching from the early years that I deemed unsuitable once I 'discovered' perle cotton. I made the binding and attached said binding.

I do not have any more photos of the quilt because himself did the school run to give me the time to finish sewing the binding on the front and I had to bundle it away in a panic as the car came up the drive.

I am incredibly pleased though. I have all my parcels posted. None of my cards done, but that is just going to be the ball I dropped this year and I can accept the failure. All gifts required within this household are either here or in transit. A good deal of the food shopping is done, other than the perishable stuff. Despite my worst fears I think I have it all in hand and I am so chuffed that it is worth all the tiredness up to now. It is a very satisfactory feeling so tonight I am feeling rather smug. Or it might just be a sugar induced high from the chocolate!



  1. Oh what lovely goodies from Helen! Love the hand quilting on the Christmas pressie - looking forward to seeing the finished quilt! You are so organised for Christmas - can you hop over here quickly and sort me out please? Jxo

  2. Ooooh lovely hoop. Helen's been doing some real crackers lately hasn't she! Ooooh more stiffy snowflakes. I try not to snicker but I do smirk to myself whenever I think 'Stiffy Snowflake' But only briefly because they are VERY cool :-)

  3. Very fun gift from Helen! The boxes are piling up around here, too, as internet shopping is about the only way it will get done this year. Can't wait to see your finished quilt after the big reveal!

  4. Love that parcel, and go you! Now please excuse me while I go and wibble in the corner...

  5. love Helens gifts (Green and Blacks no less !) and her hoop is lovely. Glad you are all up and running for Christmas. I am going away tomorrow for a few days, so today was my deadline for everything and I think I am there!

  6. Oh Susan you are too smug - I have just trawled around two town shopping centres - pinning down pressies! I have a lot on order but have food shopping to do and have given up on cards again this year!

    I need a PA and it looks like my youngest may be my saviour in future years!

    Helen works her magic again! Or is it really Archie all this time??

  7. So glad the parcel arrived...I was beginning to think a sniffer dog had smelt the chocolate and, ahem, 'confiscated it for further tests'! And I'm so glad you like the hoop and pin cushion and thank you very much for all the compliments, you're very generous with them and I'm blushing! Congratulations on finishing the quilt, I'm sure someone will happily pose with it for a photo on Christmas day!

  8. Those goodies from Helen are lovely, you lucky thing!
    Hip, hip hooray! I'm so impressed that you finished the 4 year quilt :) I've just about given up on most of my handmade plans.
    I'm sitting admiring some stiffy snowflakes, they really are glorious :)
    Must go and finish my shopping!

  9. Helen's parcel made my week so I know how you feel, these hoops are delightful aren't they?

  10. still giggling at the title of this post! what a lovely parcel, and you are a very deserving numpty!

  11. Can't wait for the reveal of that quilt - your handstitching is so even and beautiful. May it be happily received!

  12. Lovely gifts- that hoop is so cute! Hooray for the hand quilting, it looks brilliant.
    Numpty is the best word ever and I had no clue about it until I met my husband! ;)

  13. For being a numpty you sure are on top of things! I can only aspire to be where you are.

  14. Glad you found your parcel- too good to let go missing! The hoop is adorable! Over here we'd call you a 'nuff-nuff'!!

  15. What lovely things from Helen! Enjoy!

    I think you've done quite well to be so organized and if the cards don't get done then I wouldn't worry too much...I think a lot of people have cut back in that area and we certainly don't have the same numbers as we have previous years.

    How about doing a JibJab video and emailing it...easy peasy and just as effective :o)

  16. Yay for the Archie effect - his writing is very neat isn't it - I can vouch for that today, no chance of anything not getting unwrapped round these parts!
    (I have just found this window unpublished behind 6 other -oops!) x

  17. Love that hoop! And your quilting is just gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing that quilt when you get some pictures on the big day :)


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