Monday 6 October 2014


I'm speechless right now because I'm too tired. I talked all weekend.

My screen printed t-shirt made this weekend.
Hadley was the star designer and wielder of the paint for me.

But what a weekend it was.

Left to right:
Hadley, me, Nikki, Sarah, Ceri, Fiona, Trudi, Laura Jane, Di, Ange, Sarah and Katy

Tomorrow I'll show you some of the stuff that was worked on over the weekend. We were productive despite all the chatter and eating of mega amounts of food. Right now though, I am ready to go to sleep. It's about 8:30pm. Surely it's way past my bedtime.



  1. I cannot even begin to imagine what you all got up to ...Im just hoping some sewing got done in amongst all the chatter, laughter and eating!

  2. What a brill pic! Looks like a fab place too! So glad you all had a ball! Jxo

  3. Looking forward to the re-cap. Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. Fantastic weekend! I was asleep by 9.15pm xxx

  5. Come on, spill the beans……who ate the most cake??!! hee hee xx

  6. Such a gorgeous photo - frameworthy!

  7. So pleased you had such a great weekend. That is a fabulous photo of everyone.

  8. so great to see you all lined up in the sun lovely ladies!

  9. Missing you already! I was in bed by 1 am as usual. Lightweights the lot of you, I went to bed earlier down there than I usually do ;o)


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