Monday 25 June 2012

Post Three for the Mosaics

Since I did three mosaics I wish to enter them all into Cindy's contest (found here). In all honesty, Cindy does tell you in her post that you need to do separate posts for the contest if you do more than one mosaic - but I was never very good at listening. I thought I could pull a fast one by putting them in the same post and then linking each photo individually, but I was taking a short cut that I think deep down I knew wasn't going to work. Teach me to read instructions before proceeding. 

My last mosaic to enter is Dusk -

Black, Coal, Ash, Dark Violet,
Magenta, Teal Blue, Jade Green, Azure

Hope you take the time to enter the contest too, and have a look around Fluffy Sheep. It's a great shop and a welcome addition to the quilting world. Great fabrics at fab prices and the essential Aurifil thread in all the colours you could ever dream of.



  1. Oops - but they were both worth seeing again and I like the way you named yours!

  2. Nice job Susan, I like Dusk best.

  3. I really really like the colors in this one. Just beautiful.

  4. Hmmm. Can`t see Cindy throwing you out somehow!


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