Monday 25 June 2012

Playing with Colour

Each and every day I look for things to aid my procrastination. Today my high level of success in this quest is all down to Cindy. Because of her my carpets aren't hoovered, nor the laundry hung out in this rare bit of sunshine.

And why do I blame Cindy, you ask? Well, because she is hosting a contest over at Fluffy Sheep Quilting. Cindy would like to offer up bundles of Kona solids for sale in the Fluffy Sheep - the shop. So she is letting anyone who would like to put together a bundle (or two, or three) of eight different Kona solids from the ones she sells in her shop (conveniently all shown here in Flickr for you). Make a mosaic of your colour choices, link to Cindy's post and then on July 9th it goes to public vote.

The winner will receive 2 yards of Kona solids of their choice from Cindy. Well, we all know you can never have enough solids in your stash so what are you waiting for, go on and make a mosaic of your own and enter the contest. Right after you check out my choices that is!

I've done three mosaics because I couldn't make up my mind. Typical, I know! (If you do this too, please be aware that you have to link each mosaic separately to Cindy's post.)

First up we have my Tropical Smoothie -

Bright Pink, Bubble Gum, Bone, Papaya,
Magenta, Lime, Jade Green, Bahama Blue

Followed by Sunrise -

Tomato, Red, Tangerine, Orange,
School Bus, Papaya, Corn Yellow, Canary

Which inevitably is followed by Dusk -

Black, Coal, Ash, Dark Violet,
Magenta, Teal Blue, Jade Green, Azure

Not sure if these will appeal to anyone else, but I can see quilt possibilities in all of them.



  1. Lovely! I resisted tonight, but I know they are calling me! I love your tropical smoothie- yum!

  2. I'm thinking I was pretty half-hearted with just one! Love all that you are channeling Susan as ever!

  3. I like tropical smoothie.

  4. That Cindy, she'll lead you astray I tell ya!

  5. It's a rainbow! A rainbow of the most gorgeous colors ever. Susan, thank you so very much for inspiring me - these make me so happy!

  6. I like the first and second ones :) Actually, dusk is pretty nice too!

  7. Love tropical smoothie :)

  8. I love sunrise, I'd be very happy with a bundle of that.

  9. Tropical Smoothie for me! very clever choices.


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