Wednesday 6 June 2012

FQ Retreat - The Final Post

I know you will be sick and tired of this FQ Retreat thing, but I wanted to you see the items I came away with before we called an end to any more Retreat posts. There was some swapping, and goodie bag receiving that shouldn't be missed. 

You all know I made the FQ Retreat embroidered hoops for the Sample Swap. In return I received four different items from my partners, who were drawn from a hat on the day. And didn't I get lucky!

Notebook holder, hot pad, zippy pouch
and coasters with their own little bag to hold them.

The gorgeous pouch is by none other than the inimitable Kat,
from Diary of a FlutterKat. My online friend who is now also
my real life friend.
She makes the best pouches!

I wanted you to see the inside of the notebook holder
because it was so beautifully made.

Kat also brought a fabric order for me from her online shop. Anyone with a insatiable desire for DS fabrics should check out her shop because she stocks some DS that is only available in Australia. All six FQs I bought from her are fabulous stash builders as well as beautiful. 

And I have wanted one of her rainbow charm packs since she first posted them.
Now I have one. Kat has the best scraps if all these charms came from her own stash!

When we first arrived at the Retreat every person attending received a goodie bag. I didn't properly explore this until I got home. There was way more in there than I expected. Robert Kaufman FQs, Oakshott FQs, Aurifil, Coats, mini charm pack of Moda, Opti zip, and more as you can see. The sponsors or the Retreat were incredibly generous!

The girls are after the pin cushion with the built in scissors,
and the travel kit,
and the mini charm pack.
Basically they are after the lot actually!

One other event over the weekend was organised by my roommate, Laura Jane, and it was the FQ swap. Bring a fat quarter, or two, or three, or more, put them in a pool of FQs and exchange them for ones that someone else has put in. I took four, but serendipitously was standing there when someone's FQs were been added to the pool. I only took two because I thought it would have been the height of rudeness to take four, when there were only eight to go round. But I couldn't resist. Because I got two FQs of Echo. Woohoo!

Not sure why I picked the brown, but it is gorgeous even if it is brown.
The blue I love, love, love!

And that is it. All I am going to say about the retreat - for now - because it may occasionally slip into my conversation and I am not making any promises I cannot keep. I appreciate all the comments that have been left over the past few days. I shall get to them. It just seems that since my return I have been either asleep or not home. It is half term and right now I am doing laundry, baking double chocolate chip cookies while waiting for some of their friends to come over, and slipping in a blog post while I can. Back to reality with a bump!



  1. Was lovely to meet you Susan, wish I'd had a bit more time to chat with you :-)

  2. Fab goodies, sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Love it all. Looks like so much fun and friendship, and such fabulous goodies. Guess you're dreaming about next year!

  4. Brown isn't brown when you call it rust! I love the Echo- I am dying to cut into my stash! (that's for Hadley!) Your swap items are fabulous. I especially love the notebook with its Union Jack cover!

  5. Have just read all your FQR posts, you had such a ball it looks like an amazing weekend. And what gorgeous goodies too :-)

  6. Was Hadley very gutted you got the Brown Echo?

  7. Have fun with all your lovely things! Tell the girls to keep their hands off ;o)

  8. Oooh love your sample swap stuff! I might have nicked that original flutter kat pouch had I known ;-)

  9. That's not even the brown Echo - that's apricot - the browns are actually lovely too!

  10. You did very well in the sample swap! I hope you can enjoy a lovely week with those wonderful girls who I was so happy to get to meet in person.

  11. You don't have to respond to my comment because all I am going to say is WOW!

  12. Ooh, you did well on the sample swaps! i've been looking forward to seeing what people came out with, since I didn't participate. And what a great FQ swap!

  13. Lovely to meet you in the skin at last!!! You got some fab swaps, but there again we all did.

  14. Did I just read that Hadley likes something brown?? What is wrong with that girl?? I have some of that not brown too!

    Susan what a lot you got! Love the Kat original! How did you fix that!? Hide it now from those thieving fingers - dish out some Sylvanians instead - what you didn't buy any this visit??

  15. Great swap goodies....see you tomorrow!!!

  16. It all looks wonderful. It always amazes me by how thrilled I get looking at other people's goodie bag contents and freebies.

    It's always a bit of a shock to the system when you have to come back to your Real life after a wonderful weekend!

  17. lovely goodies! how wonderful thanks for telling us all about it enjoyed reading your posts! x I am planning to get that piggy bank by the way! ;)

  18. So glad you had a great time, I was supposed to call on Thursday but I have to go to a funeral in Toronto, then spending a couple of days with Michele. Tell the girls I say Hi.

  19. What a haul! Love you new fqs!

  20. Gosh. Such generous wonderfulness! Happy, lucky peeps :-) everyone sounds completely knackered now but so happy, happy! X

  21. Oh I'm totally keeping this going for days yet lol Lots of fab goodies though!

  22. Wow that is a whole lot of me up there in those lights... I'm honoured. What on earth does inimitable mean though? Hopefully something good LOL.
    We did well in the sample swap didn't we. Today I need to finish my unpacking and find somewhere prominent for my gorgeous Susan-original hoop too :)
    PS of course the charm packs are from my stash - where else would they be from lol

  23. and isn't that echo orange?


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