Tuesday 19 June 2012

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I thought I was doing really well. I thought I would get more done today. Well I did, but I am not sure you want a report on  my housekeeping endeavours. Sewing wise, well, let's just say that me and my seam ripper were best friends today. Because I had more blocks made for the Sew Stitchy quilt. And I was playing with them, looking at the wee blocks lined up. And something was wrong. Because some most of them weren't square. They are supposed to be square.

So, it seems I am perfectly capable of figuring out the angle of the paper pieces I need to cut to piece together four large hexies. But I can't figure out the much simpler idea of how wide to cut three strips of fabric so that they sew together to make an unfinished 6" square. There goes all the glowing pride of yesterday.

The best bit was that even after I realised I had made the mistake and corrected it in the necessary blocks - I still managed to do it again!

I thought I would have a lot more blocks finished by the time I had to go on the school run today. Obviously I didn't. But those I do have are now all the correct shape.

Onto brighter happier things. The lovely Marjorie over at Marjorie's Busy Corner has nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

This is just a nice make you smile happiness sort of thing. Answer a few questions and link to some blogs that you like and want to spread a little sunshine to. First, the questions -

Favourite colour: these days - watermelon
Animal - sea otter (if you ever see one you will understand why)
Number - depends if we are talking desserts or FQs
Drink - water (sorry, I know it's boring)
Passion - let's just say chocolate and leave it at that
Giving or getting - both (really, I would like to be altruistic and just say giving but I do love getting too)
Favourite Day - Christmas Eve (the work is done and the fun begins)
Favourite Flower - African violets? Lilies? Daisies? I haven't a clue.

Now here are four blogs for me to recommend and that might like a little sunshine in their lives (some of them are overworked, underpaid and not getting enough sewing time in; all live too far away from the rest of us) -

Sarah at Sew Me
And I would like to encourage anyone who has not yet done so to pop on over to Plum and June to see this weeks featured bloggers and read some interesting links from some really popular and well known bloggers.

Plum and June

Beth is running an excellent series and it is well worth a visit.

Right, that's me done. My brain has taken all it can today. I think there is half a bottle of pink wine in the fridge and I am sure my name is on it. Maybe I can find a few of the missing brain cells at the bottom of it.



  1. You seem to have had as frustrating an afternoon sewing as I have!

  2. Enjoy that wine Susan - I sympathise with the unpicking and repeating, have done the same myself at times!

  3. Real genious often struggles with simple tasks.

  4. Some days the math pixie is making mischief over and over.

  5. I can see my name on that bottle right next to yours! Glad I'm not the only one who screws up the maths

  6. Ahhh Maths....possibly THE worst thing about quilting? Thanks for the award sweets x

  7. seam ripper seams to have been on serious deployment here too! Enjoy the pink stuff :) x

  8. My brain is taking a holiday too - the blocks do look lovely though x

  9. My best friend today was the same as yours. I think I never used the seam ripper as much as I did today ... Time for a summer holiday :)

    Your blocks look gorgeous!

  10. You say there's a half bottle of pink wine in the fridge and are trying to convince me that your fave drink is water!!! Sorry for your woes with the blocks - I have 6.5" blocks that aren't 6.5" either. Thanks for the sunshine!

  11. AAAgh maths. I work with numbers all day but can never seem to apply it to sewing!!

  12. I'm sorry, I disagree with Sarah - I love quilty maths!!! The blocks are wonderful (as is the fabric!) - I'm off to read about the hexagons, I've missed a couple of posts!

  13. Oh no, honey! They look so fantastic from here! Enjoy the evening and give it a go when you're feeling better! xx

  14. I find maths a real chore & it has to be the biggest challenge about patchwork.
    Your blocks look lovely though & yesterdays are fantastic!
    Good luck with the pink stuff.
    Lush x

  15. Some days stuff just doesn't turn out (despite our best efforts )

    Have you checked for sewing gremlins? They visit my house a LOT!

  16. Oh bugger! Well maybe it'll all get better tomorrow, after all it is hump day!

  17. Water, really? Hmmm I think Sarah is onto something ! Thanks for the award. I will post tomorrow.

  18. Not to worry - tomorrow is another day (or so I keep telling myself!) Hope the pink wine was nice :)

  19. I like the new design but I miss seeing your face everyday when I check out your blog. It makes me feel like I'm staying in touch better than I am.lol

  20. I really like the blocks you have done so far - such pretty fresh colours.

  21. I hope the pink wine helped and I love those blocks xx

  22. love the blocks - that new fabric is so pretty :)

  23. I take that back about asking you for math related advice!!!!
    I love the Sew Stitchy line. I nearly bought a whole lot of fat quarters a couple of weeks ago but then I have so much fabric and have hardly sewn anything in weeks, I resisted the urge. I'm sure to regret it.


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