Thursday 22 December 2011

I Finished...

... the housework! It's a miracle. No, really it is. I live with pack rats extraordinaire! Nothing gets thrown out and everything gets left wherever they leave it. I gave up trying to stay on top of it all years ago because I would have had to sound like a mini dictator 24 hours a day and I am just not up to that.

But now my house looks nice, if I dare say it. It looks rather Christmasy. There are bits and pieces all over, courtesy of the girls decorating ability.

I have a dining room table now.
I shall try to ignore the no sewing space feeling of doom.
But doesn't my tablerunner look fantastic!
The coffee table is free of clutter,
looking smart with Kirsten's star on it.
Candles adorn the mantle,
albeit some a little wonky.
Christmas decorations wherever the girls could find a place.
And one scary snowman!
If you are at a loss with what to do with bored children then get yourself
One White Sport Sock
One Baby Sock
Assorted buttons and beads.
A small strip of fleece or felt.
You too could have one of these.
Try to control the excitement!


  1. It all looks lovely Susan. The girls did well. I still have a list a mile long. Hopefully I can stay, ahh! tomorrow!

  2. The dictator has been overthrown here - I am in hiding, if I could run electricity to a hole in the garden I would be there now.

    Good work at your place x

  3. Your house looks great! A true quilter's Christmas. Pretty pretty!

  4. Well, its gotta happen once a year right? :-p

    Runner and mug rug look fabulous, and I love your popcorn garlands too!

  5. That mug rug and table runner look fab! In fact all your decorating touches look great!

  6. Your table runner is stunning there! And I love the star mat! I wonder how long it will all stay tidy for?? Jxo

  7. House looks fab, and thanks for showing the runner in use! lol

  8. Your house sounds like mine! Looks fab though with all your Christmassy bits, the table runner is beautiful! I am also missing my sewing space and wondering just how soon after Christmas I will be able to reclaim it...
    R x

  9. Looks like you are ready with time to spare! You'll have to hire yourself out....!

  10. Well there you go now...things look lovely too. I really really like that table runner...Merry Christmas.

  11. Yeah! Well done! And the girls did a marvellous job of decorating! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  12. I am so jealous. I have given up on any cleaning happening here this year. We are not having company after all. I have to work Christmas Eve and then going to Aunts for dinner. Then on Christmas Day we are leaving so what is the point. Just gonna go with the flow!!

  13. everything looks fantastic, well done to you and the girls. Good to see the tablerunner in use too

  14. I honestly didn't see you becoming a domestic goddess 24 years ago but in my humble opinion you have attained that status. I hope you, John, Helen and Emily have a great Christmas.

  15. Good gried - do people clean their houses at Christmas? Looking good though - even the scarey snowman. Nice table runner.

  16. Must feel great to have the house ready - now you just have another couple of days to keep it like that before wrapping paper hell descends! Tablerunner looks great. I admit to feeling a little envious!

  17. Oh you are so good! It all looks lovely. I might steal that sock- idea for tomorrows entertainment. My kIds would love to make one!

  18. I love the little snowman! Very cute! Sit back and enjoy the clean and tidy home! You deserve it!

  19. Yay for battling the clutter into submission, wanna tackle mine? Och, well, I'm sure mine isn't going anywhere whilst I'm away, I can tackle it in time for new year...

    Love all your wee decorations, especially the snowman

  20. Is it still tidy, that's what I want to know. Because mine sure didn't stay clean and tidy for long! I have sticky finger marks all over the doors & mirrors again & toys and stuff all over the floor. (Was going to say toys and crap but then thought that might give the wrong impression about how bad the grotto actually is ;) LOL...)
    Love all your Christmas decorations. I bet my girls would love to make a little snowman. Even if neither of them probably know what snow is.

  21. love the scary snowman it all looks beautiful susan and girls .
    merry christmas to you all !!

  22. Pop on over and do my housework will you?

    I think your snowman looks very cute. (Ummm same principle as a sock monkey though - are you going over to the dark side?)

  23. Wishing you and your family a lovely christmas Susan!!


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