Saturday 31 December 2011


FFQ = Favourite Fabrics Quilt. It is my quilt for me, and I am going to find a way to put lots of different, disparate fabrics that I love for one reason or another all in the same quilt. So that I can sit there, snuggled under it and remember quilts made, scraps given, projects completed, scraps hoarded because I love them so much I end up not using them.

It will be one of my first projects for 2012. But I got a start on it today, the last day of 2011. I sat on the floor with Emily this morning and pulled fabric. Not all of the fabrics that have been pulled are going to go in the quilt. Some I will change my mind about, I am sure. Others were not pulled by me and I some how might forget to put them in. (Shhh! Don't tell!)

I'm not telling her some of her favourite fabrics aren't mine!
Maybe I will just give them to her as she loves them so much and she can do a quilt of her own.

I still have another pile of fabric to go through and I know that my Pips is in there. I loved the Pips fabrics and definitely want some in this planned quilt.I have to shift some things back to the dining room before I can access that fabric hoard so it will have to wait. I have vowed to let them have a dining room table through this weekend. It is killing me, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!

I did take temporary custody of the table to lay them out and have a better look.
The poor gingerbread house sits in the background.
I say poor because it is melting. Really, it is, look -
The sweeties we that we melted into the window spaces when we baked the gingerbread are melting.
They've melted the face off the poor little girl Helen piped in the window waiting for snow!
If they melt on the m at Sarah made for me they are in big trouble!!
I am keeping an close eye on them.
Right, back to the fabric! I sorted it out some and the fabrics seem to fall into distinct categories. First up the Heather Ross fabrics. Some I bought in much earlier in the year because I thought I really needed to buy before the prices went up even more. Others have been given to me very generously by Fiona. I love them all so much that I cracked a couple of days ago, got on Etsy and ordered a couple more small bits.

Love these fabrics!
The next group are little scraps mostly, many of them received in swaps or from friends. Pieces of fabric that make me smile, remind me of the person who gave them to me, or were used in quilts that I made and loved.

Next comes some of those fabrics that I have been hoarding, and I think there are more to be added to this category. I think that these would be particularly good to use in this quilt because maybe if I actually cut into these pieces it would be the incentive I needed to stop hiding them away and actually use them!

Those FQ rolls of Birch and Cloud 9 haven't even been unrolled
and I bought them at the Quilt Show this summer!
What came as quite a surprise to me was how many of my fabrics were for the birds. Maybe I need to do a 'One for the Birds Quilt' as well as this FFQ.

So having had the first initial trawl through my fabric I find myself left with a question or two. Is this going to be one quilt or three? Will I make 'One for the Birds'? And how about my sudden desire to make a quilt featuring the fabrics I have from Heather Ross? If I did this I might have to order a few more. Or set up private swaps. A caravan for a penguin say, or gnomes for ? Anyone interested in this Heather Ross mini scrap swapping please let me know.

There you have it. I touched fabric today. And it felt good. Onwards and upwards for 2012. A very happy new year to everyone and have fun tonight if you are the going out and having fun sort. Sorry to admit it but we are the staying home and having a nice meal type. Boring I know, but it is what it is!



  1. I stick close to hearth and home on New Years Eve too. I've never seen the point of starting a new year with a hangover....although I guess if this is where you start the rest of the year has to get better.

    God bless,

  2. All the possibilities with those fabrics are very interesting to watch - and it will be lovely to see something you are making for yourself for a change! I will be watching carefully to see how this loveliness takes shape(s).

    I wish you and hubby and your girls every blessing for 2012 Susan. I think your evening at home sounds perfect. I'm a stay at home sort too, but we've been very kindly invited out and my boys just love to party, so out we will go!

  3. Funny! We are stay at home types too. Our teens, not so much.LOL. One of my items on my lists for 2012 is a quilt for me!! OK, sorry, but you just knew someone would do this, so let it be me...The all time favorite, "what is that fabric?" question...In the "birds" picture, what is the owls fabric (all sitting on tree branches?) and the sweet birds right in front of it (to the right of the roosters and the left of the black background) I LOVE both of them!! Have a great New Year!!

  4. Such great fabrics, Susan! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Today is my middle son's 3rd birthday, so we have a great excuse to stay home and eat cupcakes! Happy New Year's to you and your family!

  5. I've made some samosas to your recipe (needed more spices), and we're taking them down to our friend's to eat and play board games.
    Happy New Year to you all. Look forward to next year!

  6. Lovely post sweetie, love having a nosy thru your fabrics! I've got a wee teeny bit of heather ross horses if you want...

  7. Love all the fabrics but I think you should make one for the birds :). Happy new year!

  8. Looking forward to seeing whatever comes out of that collection :o)

  9. Love your fabrics. Will look forward to seeing what you come up with!
    I've just finished a shift at work and am trying to muster up some energy to see the Bells in. I'm staying in but like to get dressed up. I'm hoping my husband will put his kilt on, and I'm hoping to squeeze into a little dress :)
    Enjoy your evening! x

  10. Ooooh can't wait to see what you do. I've got quite a collection of birdie fabric and kept thinking I'd make a quilt to show case it but given the variety of scrap sizes I never came up with a suitable pattern idea. I do want to make a more general scrap quilt to to show some favourite scraps - especially one's I've got in swaps etc.

    Just read what Fiona said above and hope she blogs about it with pictures ;-)

  11. Happy New Year too you!!
    PS. Heather Ross quilt? Stupid idea, send then to me to dispose of in a controlled manner! xxx

  12. So many lovely scraps - you've already got an eye spy quilt right there too! Whatever you go for, it will look fabulous! Happy new year to you and yours! Roll on June! Jxo

  13. I would totally love to swap some HR with you! I some tadpoles, riding clothes, bikes and some others...please email me and I'd love to work something out! :)

  14. love the birds !! we are stay at home types too have had a nice meal and listened to music it was lovely ,look forward to what you end up doing !!

  15. Oooh so nice looking through your fabric stash. A little bit of envy there too.
    We stayed in but were able to see the midnight fireworks from the balcony and enjoy the music from the apartment below. Loud but fortunately really great music. So a perfect night to see in the new year, fireworks, music and lounging around in my pj's.
    Happy New Year, wishing you all the best for 2012.

  16. so many pretty fabrics and so many lovely possibilities.
    It's 8 pm and we have already had our New Year's celebration...we went to 4 o'clock mass, celebrated (our friend) the priest's 70th birthday and are already home.Not much party going on in this lively bunch. Big family game day tomorrow.
    Happy New Year my friend!

  17. You have me all excited over here! Look at that deliciousness! The campers and goldfish are two of my favs too! Can't wait to see what direction you decide to take this!

  18. I love this idea! Maybe I should make a scrappy quilt out of my favourites this year too. I cant believe I had never thought of doing this!

  19. I can't wait to see what you decide to do but I do love the idea of a 'one for the birds' quilt as well as a FF quilt and a HR quilt!


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