Thursday 15 December 2011

Almost There!

I posted two more parcels today. I have one more parcel to do and then all my postal obligations are met for this Christmas. Except cards. I have failed to write Christmas cards. Somehow that got lost in the jumble of things going on. Oooops! I somehow think it might not be happening now.

Today was a good day though. I made lots. I can only show you some of it again, but - trust me - I am very pleased with my output. One more school day left and then life ruled by schedules will relax for a while. I am looking forward to that. Next week will be focused on Christmas baking rather than sewing. In fact, as of Monday, I will need to clear away my machine and fabric and reclaim the dining room for its original purpose. Put my Modern Christmas Tablerunner out and let the festivities begin.

But until then, I continue to sew.

I originally made the centre block to use for the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap.
Today I turned it into a mug rug for a friend.
I then delved into my tiniest scraps.
Because Judith says I must never throw anything out.
This needlebook is for a friend who likes cats.
But I rather think I love the back more.
No offence to cats!
I am just really chuffed with the way this turned out.
I am even proud of the inside of the needlebook,
which is - after all - usually quite boring.
I broke up the day by leaving my machine and going to help at the school for the children's Christmas lunch. Amazing how much some children can eat. Enough said!!

And, as stated earlier, I can't show you the rest of my makes. I am sworn to Secret Santa secrecy. I hope that my partner likes it all when she receives it. Because it is killing me not showing you!

Obviously not my Secret Santa make.
I just wanted a Christmasy photo.


  1. Ooh I posted a parcel today too and I haven't done our cards yet either, that's tonight's chore-stroke-delight!

  2. wow, you have been busy. I havnt done any sewing at all, work has been manic! Going away on Saturday for a few days, so still won't get any done. Roll on Christmas Day: I can do loads!!

  3. Adorable little tree mug rug and sewing book! I`ll be clearing away my stuff tomorrow and that will be it for a while. Love your Russian dolls...

  4. You done good gir!! No cards have been written here either-although I may get to them over the weekend! Ugh! Great mug rug!

  5. Reading your post I could almost imagine I am all set to go - just kidding ! Set back two days due to cold - ah well it will happen or it won't!

  6. I gave up on cards last year . It seems lots of people aren't sending them any more!

    Lovely mug rugs. You're on fire with all this creative genius my friend.

    I love those Christmas decorations too....

  7. That needlecase is adorable! So proud of you for using your scraps! I hope we get our secret santa pressie soon, the suspense is killing me! jxo

  8. OMG, how are you getting all this done - waaaaah! It all looks fab though, damnit!

  9. Wow! What more is there to say! :)

  10. See, like me, you have discovered that it's good to do what Judith says!

  11. the needle case is really good - you've been so productive this holiday season - hope everyone appreciates all your hard work

  12. Lovely post :-) Needle book is fab! Off to post office first thing tomorrow to catch the morning post...

  13. The mug rug is cute and I love the needlebook - the quilting looks brilliant!

  14. Your goodies are just so yummy! I love the tree!


  15. Love the needle case, I particularly like the quilting! And the mug rug is fabulous! Every year I swear I'm going to stop sending Christmas cards but every year I chicken out and send them...maybe next year?!


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