Tuesday 20 March 2012

I've Been Tagged

There's a bloggy game of tag going on right now and I am IT. (Well, one of many 'ITS' out there but you may be next.) Anyway, Katy got me, and challenged me with 11 questions to answer and then to make up 11 questions to ask 11 other people. 

First, the questions asked of me -

1. If you had a whole day entirely to yourself when you could do anything you want, go anywhere you want, and money was no object, what would you do?

It's all about the food and shopping here really. I would wake up after the best sleep ever in a fabulous hotel which had excellent room service. Said room service would bring me a breakfast of Eggs Benedict which I would enjoy on my wee balcony watching the traffic in the Grand Canal (yup, I decided I am in Venice). I would spend the morning wandering aimlessly (because I really do love wandering aimlessly in Venice), and when I saw something I liked in the shops I would buy it. Lunch would involve fresh seafood and pasta. The afternoon would be spent in the best quilting shops of Venice (hey, this is a fantasy world - not reality!) buying all I wanted and having them send it to the hotel for me because I'm not carrying it. Dinner by candlelight and drinks afterwards in the square listening to classical music and watching the world go by. 

Venice's Grand Canal
Photo courtesy of expedia.co.uk
2. Where is your favourite holiday spot?

Vietnam. (But as I remember it 15 years ago, as I hear it has changed a lot since.) Or Rhodes. I love Rhodes. Not the clubbing drunken youth part! The stunning old town most of all.

Photo of Rhodes Town borrowed from Thomson Holidays
3. What is your favourite time of the year?

Autumn. Crisp leaves, clean fresh air, incredible colour, bright blue skies.

4. What's the favourite part of your garden, if you have one, and if not, what would you like to have?

Fantasy time again - I am not a gardener - big deck with good outdoor seating, huge barbecue, lots of big pots full of colourful flowers that I didn't grow and a green lawn stretching down the the fantasy lake at the bottom of the garden.
5. What is your favourite book ever?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Captain Corelli's Mandolin. A Thousand Splendid Suns. (It's always changing and evolving.)
6. What is your favourite tactile fabric?

That super soft Minky stuff makes me want to loll around in a big pile of it. 
7. I've come round for dinner - I don't like fish, lamb or avocados, and am deathly allergic to bananas and kiwi fruit, so what are you making me? (and no Susan and Hadley, you are not meant to be trying to kill me ;o) )

No killing you!?! You are narrowing down the options here! Okay, I would make you Laksa Soup, one of my all time favourite foods. It is a spicy coconut curry broth noodle soup. But the joy is you can decide on your own toppings. So while I put some plump juicy prawns in mine you can stick to the strips of chicken breast. Then there are wedges of hard boiled egg (yes, a traditional ingredient), thin cucumber strips, deep fried tofu cubes, bean sprouts, etc. For desert we would have Chocolate Pavlova with soft mounds of whipped cream and heaps of raspberries.

8. I've won the lottery and I'm buying all my friends one special gift, what would you like?

For us all to go to Marrakech and stay at Annabella's hotel and have fun for an extended weekend. 

One of the many amazing photographs from Annabella at
Life's Rich Pattern
9. I'm running the ideal job centre, where we can find you any job you'd like, what would it be?

Writer -  preferably a successful one.
10. You get a class that is a captive audience for whatever you'd like to teach them, what would it be?

Children (who had to listen not talk). And I would teach them to eat nicely. I hate crap table manners, and they are in abundance these days.
11. You have a day to spend with anyone you like in the world, who would it be?

If himself and my girls are not part of this (and I do get to see them every day), then it would have to be my best friend. Though I do find it hard to narrow down because I love spending time with my mum too, and there are friends I haven't seen in so long that I would love to see, oh, and my brother and his family in Canada. Can't I have a party with everyone there?

Now I have to think of eleven questions to ask -

1. What is your favourite cartoon from childhood?

2. What is your favourite restaurant in the world and where is it?

3. If you could buy any fabric bundle you wanted right now (someone else was paying) what would it be?

4. What is your favourite quilt made by someone else? (Please include a link or photo if that is possible.)

5. I need a day on the beach. Where would you recommend?

6. If a sewing retreat could be held in the place of your choice and all your friends would be able to attend where would you have it?

7. What is the first sign of Spring for you?

8. Do you have a favourite smell?

9. If you drink wine, what do you prefer - red, white or pink? If you don't drink wine, what is your favourite drink?

10. What sewing task do your dread the most?

11. You are making me a desert - what is it, and will you give me the recipe?

Right, those are my questions, and these are my victims -

Kat @ Diary of a FlutterKat
Cindy @ Fluffy Sheep
Sarah @ FairyFace Designs
Nicky @ Mrs Sew and Sow
Helen @ Archie the Wonder Dog
Shay @ Quilting in My Pyjamas
Lucy @ Charm About You
Judith @ Just Jude
Leanne @ She Can Quilt
Dianne @ Quiltova
Fiona @ Poppy Makes

Thank you, Katy, for tagging me today because I still have two sick kids and no thread so I had bugger all to write about myself!



  1. Ah I do like your fantasy world... So both girls are poorly? That sucks... Big cuddles for them, and hope they sleep through it all (for you!)

  2. Brilliant answers :) Never mind the kids, no thread??!!! dear me ;)

  3. What a fun idea! Thanks for tagging me (I think!). Will get my thinking cap on. Sorry to hear the wee ones are still poorly. Hope you are managing to stay sane! Jxo

  4. Love the recipes and we like the same books except I would choose Matilda. Hope the girls get better soon.

  5. Interesting read :o) Look forward to seeing how others answer your questions :o)

  6. Can I come for dinner too? That soup sounds delish!

  7. Am loving all these tagged posts. Sorry you girls are still poorly :-(

  8. Oh dear Lord...no thread again?!?! Heads are gonna roll!!!!

  9. Well, I guess I will have to think of some answers. I am hoping you win that lottery, we can all have such fun in Morocco!

  10. Man, there's going to be no-one left to tag by the time I get my arse in gear!

  11. Oh no - hope the girls feel better soon poor things (and poor Mum!) And eek re the thread! (Which means you don't want to hear that I went and bought some Aurifil at lunchtime today.......)
    Great answers - looking forward to reading the ones you've tagged. :-)

  12. The Laksa sounds yummy, especially with the juicy prawns. Why am I not surprised you love Charlie And The Chocolate Factory though? ;o)

  13. Well I hope you do win the lottery and come visit or come visit anyway! Great answers and I must get on with my tag...hope the girls are better soon. x

  14. Great answers!! (Particularly the table manners one but I think you should include some adults!) Hope the girls are better and the thread has arrived...


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