Thursday 1 March 2012

Oh What a Feeling...

... I'm dancing on the ceiling!

If any one of the following things that happened today I would be thrilled beyond words. But to have so many good things happen before lunch is overwhelming and I am sooooo happy.

First up, I missed out one of the lovely items I received in the post lately, and it was from Katy. She too has contributed to One for the Birds. And I love these little orange on lime background birds. So apologies to Katy (she graciously has already forgiven me) and a big thank you too.

Enough here for both quilts -
One for the Birds and Favourite Fabrics.
(And still some for my stash to make me smile whenever I please.)

I woke ten minutes early today and lolled about on my bed for a moment before I reached for my iPad to see if I had any emails. My day took off in a good way from there.

If  you don't live in the UK you might not understand the competition for school places. There are desirable schools and less than so ones. My two girls attend a village school in another village because that was where they started their school life before we went to the Isle of Wight for three years. I drive back and forth each day to give them that continuity in their life, and have them in a good school. It is very tiny - only three classrooms for seven years of schooling. Yes, that small. But for the most part they are very happy there and that is important.

Helen moves up to high school next year. The catchment school for us in this village is not what you would term one of the desirable schools. There is a certain element of tough kids there (I am trying to be polite here) that would chew Helen up for breakfast. My child is a world class wuss. Lack of an older brother to toughen her up being part of the problem I think.

The catchment school for their primary school village is fantastic, rated outstanding on all aspects in a government inspection last winter. That puts it in the top 10% of the state schools in this country.

Today I woke up to an email from the schools admissions people that Helen was being offered a place there. This is too good for words, but I think you might get the correct impression about how thrilled we all are. I ran and woke Helen up and had her squealing with happiness so I was in good company.

Next up, after I did the school run I drove - through thick fog - into town and got my Bernina back from the sewing machine shop. It is home again and that is most definitely something to warm me to my toes.

You would think that was enough good stuff for one day, but then the postman came. My Mouthy Stitches pouch arrived and I got a doozy of a good one. I will let the photos do the talking.

The pouch was made by Ruth.
I already follow both her blogs as she loves food as much as I do,
as well as being such a fantastic quilter.
Cindy picked a perfect partner for me.

Ruth obviously knows how to do a zip end better than I do!

And hand stitching. Love the little squares with personal details.

Things I love - Pips puppies, that elephant, the scissors fabric
and my initial so no one can take this off me.
Unless they are named Sarah, or Sasha, or Stella, or Sophie...

Don't those fabrics and the stitching just make you smile?
Well they do me too.

The fog had cleared off into a delightful day.
I took the pouch out for a play.
Here it is practising balancing on the swing set.

Once the pouch was confident it tried out the trapeze.

Now look at the scraps Ruth chose for me.
I can see most of them going into the Favourite Fabrics quilt.

Ruth also included this gorgeous tin 'thank you' tag.
I think this is supposed to work the other way.
A huge thank you, Ruth, for getting me so right
and sending me this.
I love it all!
Today is a red letter, five star day. Hope you are having the same happy levels wherever you are too.



  1. Yey! So glad she got the good school, and so glad you got your pouch today! Its a corker!

  2. What a great day you're having! Congratulations on Helen's school place - do they automatically accept sibling links in future years? Love your pouch - you lucky thing! And have fun with your Bernina, I hope it enjoyed its stay at the sewing machine spa!

  3. Woohoo! So happy for Helen and for the rest of you! It must be a relief to know that you won't be fighting and uphill battle to get her to go to school each day!

  4. That is a lovely pouch, lucky you! And good news about the school, sewing machine and beautiful fabric too, what a lovely day.

  5. Wahoo! May the good day spread as the sun rises above the rest of the world. I'm just having breakfast here in Texas.

  6. Congrats on the school and getting your machine back. AWESOME pouch!!

  7. Congrats on the school place - you must be so thrilled!! Ruth is so sweet and what a great pouch! Glad you are having such an amazing day. x

  8. Whew, glad Helen made the cut!

    Love the pouch too, and associated goodies :o)

  9. What a fab day full of treats, and congrats to Helen. Though big brothers are definitely over-rated. Mine used to sit on my head and fart! Enjoy the sunshine! Jxo

  10. what a day for you all congrats for the school and the pouch all looking good let it keep that way !!!
    i was worried about the school after primary for mine too !! but we moved :))

  11. Good news about the school - it's a big relief to you I'm sure!

    And, since I am an S too, I could come a steal that fab pouch from you! Ha!

  12. Great news about Helen! Happy days!

    Did wonder who that S was for....? Lucky ducky! Guess you deserve it for being a superswap mama!

    And the birds are cute too!

  13. Brilliant news all round - great start to the month!

  14. .......or Sheila!!
    Great news on the school, does that guarantee a place for the little un when it's her time?

  15. Really happy for Helen and you that she has got into a good school, I know it's a nightmare in the UK. We have friends that had to move to get their children into the right school. Hugs

  16. Congratulations!!!! I have to say I'm glad my kids are beyond the age I have to worry about school entrances, university for SofM was bad enough!

    The pouch is lovely!

  17. Oh thank goodness, you must be so relieved that Helen is sorted. And that machine is running okay too... even if it is magically nicking random parts from other mystery machines... lol Glad you're happy with your pouch!

  18. Sometime we just have to go with the flow.... THEN junp for JOY xxx

  19. Fabulous news, fabulous day!
    Brilliant that Helen has been offered a place.

  20. The right school for your children is SO important! I know, from a bad experience which we managed to turn around! Love your pouch! Are you sure she got the correct 'Susan'??

  21. Great news on the school front - I am still in denial that I am going to have to go through that!

    Love the pouch!

  22. Yay, Yay, and Yay. What a cool pouch. In my fav colour too :)
    Here's to another good day today!
    Mine has started off on the right foot with my first full nights sleep since we got home from NZ - bonus!!

  23. All that and the Sun shone too!
    Just how much can one lucky lady take? LOL!

    Some gorgeous fabric in your parcel too.

    Have an even better weekend!

    Sandie xx

  24. Hip, hip hooray, for a good day. The month is starting out a bit better than last month, heh?

  25. Good news about the school and the sewing machine!!

  26. Yay, a great day indeed :) I'm so happy you've had such a good one after the rather bad Tuesday.

  27. Great news about Helen's school! Hopefully they then let the rest of the family attend the same school. Years from now you will all look back and see all the pathways started because of this one decision.

  28. thats good news on the school front: we were lucky we have a good school at the end of our road! Lucky you with your pouch-i love those colours and did a lot of admiring when it was shown on flickr

  29. So glad you've had a good day! Congrats to Helen!

  30. Wonderful all round!! I hear next month about the primary school and I'm dreading him not getting the one where he's at nursery :(
    The pouch is gorgeous!! Great shots too ;)


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