Monday 13 June 2011

Monday, Monday, Happy Days...

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Happy days indeed. I am having a great day here in my solitude. I have three - count them - three finishes and one find. It amazes me that some people don't like to be by themselves. I love it, and some of the conversations are very interesting!!

I am sure you know what the first finish will be. Yup, my cushion, which I adore and am so very pleased with, and it makes my horrid sofa look so much nicer. Must make more - eventually you wouldn't see any of the horrid and only the homemade. Lovely thought.


I shall fore go the ugly sofa photo. I am sure even the little bit you can see is enough to get the idea. We have an ugly sofa because when we came to the UK after Helen was born we didn't bring any of our Canadian furniture. So when we moved into a house we needed furniture immediately - if not sooner. We got it by walking into large furniture stores and asking them what things we could have delivered the next day. This sofa was one of those items. Though I have little love for it, I have to say it blew the vivid purple leather and large floral suites out the water. It was the least of three evils.

So I have finished a cushion. And I liked making it. Think I shall have to add make more cushions to my list of things to do.

Next today came the making of a quilt. A special quilt. I cut, pieced, basted and quilted it all this morning. What do you think? It measures all of 5" square.

And another photo because Baby Bunny is so cute -

Moving swiftly along, I did my bee blocks for Miss June - Fiona. I can't show them to you yet because Fiona has to give the word when she has received everyone's before we can blog photos. I still have to do the signature block as well. Here is a sneaky peak at a tiny corner of one of the blocks -

While I was rummaging about my boxes - I can't remember what for - I came across this little find -

These HSTs are the off cuts from the quilt I am making for Helen and have been lingering at the bottom of a box for a very long time. Maybe I secretly knew that one day I would find a liking for HSTs and think of a use for them. There are 116 of these babies. I had a little play with a possible layout (though I would mix up the colours more and not use all the pink the way I did here). All I would have to do is add some white squares in those blank spaces -

Theses squares will all need trimming to 2 1/4" - won't that be fun?! But I have learned that squaring off your HSTs to perfection is the key to getting things right so sometimes I have to bite the bullet and just do things the 'proper' way.

Here is a little look at the quilt I started for Helen and which I now widely ignore due to the onerous task of hand quilting that I took on. I posted pictures of this quilt when I first started blogging and some day I hope to post photos of it completed. It is my take on the Hugs and Kisses blocks - though some people in the UK call them naughts and crosses. It really is a lovely quilt - or will be when I get it done.

Now you know why I wish I knew about perle cotton thread when I started quilting this. Wouldn't it have had more impact, and been quicker to do? Live and learn. That may end up  my motto as much as 'life is good'.

In the midst of writing today's post I had to go up to the school to get my girlies. I came home with none. I did get to bring home their lunch bags, and their book bags, and their lovely, chlorine scented swimming things - but no girls. Apparently they are staying to make props for the end of year school play - Cleopatra. Apparently it is okay for me to come home and put the smelly swim things in the wash, cook dinner, get Helen's tap dance shoes and clothes and return for them at 5pm. Apparently they are happy to eat at 7pm as long as I bring them a snack when I return. Apparently this is the plan.

Well, their wish is my command after all. (Good, thing you can't see me rolling my eyes!)



  1. Lots of loveliness, my you have been busy! Your cushion looks fab. Aren't they satisfying things to make! Jxo

  2. Busy busy - best way to be!! Actually I can't remember the last time I was bored, (or didn't have a To Do list as long as my arm!!).

    All looking really great. Surely you can knock up a whopper of a quilt to cover that sofa!

  3. Your cushion is beautiful! Love the backing (which is just the kind of thing I`m looking for). Enjoy your`ll relish the family`s return all the more.

  4. Glad you had a nice day - I love being on my own with time to do sewing - doesn't seem to happen at the moment? Perhaps you could make a big quilt to cover the horrid sofa?

    Pomona x

  5. That cushion is way fab Susan! I love making cushions too, so satisfying and they tend to get finished rather than become UFOs! Helen's quilt will be beautiful, stick at it 'cos I'd like to see those pics of the finished article.

  6. Cushion / Pillow sure has turned out beautiful :-) You're right though, I think incessant trimming is the way to make hst's a little easier to sew, even if it does make them take so much longer... Looks like you're really having fun with them though!

  7. Love the cushion. Giesv me an urge for another HST quilt. I do also lov solitude !

  8. You clearly are the queen of HSTs with that cushion, it's gorgeous!

  9. Love the little 5" quilt! so cute. And Helen's quilt looks beautiful!

  10. I do love the cushion and can see now what you were talking about in the last post regarding the construction!
    Perhaps you could get a throw from Dunelm or somwhere like that to cover the ugly settee?

  11. Those are very cute hsts. That is going to be a lovely quilt. I started hand quilting (am actually 3/4 done) a quilt for my hubby, and it ends up being ignored most of the time too. Other stuff just seems 'sew' much faster.


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