Wednesday 22 June 2011

Domestic Bliss

Domestic bliss my a**e. Honestly, I know that there are people out there who revel in housework. I am not one of them. I have spent the best part of today in Emily's room, finding the room beneath a packrats hoard of every scrap and bit of anything that she could ever collect. There is a theory that if I was a tougher, more disciplined mother then her room wouldn't get into this state. Obviously I am not very tough, or disciplined! Bless her little socks that she wasn't here to witness the devastation of her carefully organised tip!

Because my baby is gone. For three whole days. I think I am more traumatised than her. She was smiling widely as I left her at school this morning -

At this point there should be a photo of Emily but things are going wrong here.

Okay! Now I am p-ed off. Blogger isn't letting me download any photos onto the blog. It gets them onto the 'Get Images' bit but won't actually put them on my post. I have tried repeatedly. I even rebooted my computer but no go. Still not being nice to me. Arrgghhh! Makes this whole post slightly redundant because I am like a small child, I need pictures to make it interesting.

Tried but can't get them off Flickr! Can you do that? If so, how? Because I failed at that too.

Anyone else having this problem?

I am now abandoning this post from sheer frustration.

I am going to have a slumber party with Helen. At least that is what she is calling it. She wants us to snuggle up in our pyjamas, eat pizza, watch films and have popcorn for desert. I am not adverse to this one little bit. It will be way more fun than sitting here banging my head against my computer screen in frustration.



  1. Fantastic idea, sounds like bliss. have fun, and hope you dont miss Emily too much - she'll be having a blast! Hope you've got a quilt to snuggle under ;-)

  2. I think Helen's got the best solution there:) I'm pretty clueless on the getting photos from flickr lark so can't help there I'm afraid.

    Enjoy your slumber party and hopefully blogger will sort itself out asap.

  3. Sounds like a great plan - have fun!

  4. I had this problem today and when I posted a question on blogger help I found loads of other people as well who responded within seconds. Until blogger sorts it out, go into html (the other option other than compose)and put your image on while in html. It will let you put it on and then revert to compose et voila! I spent ages this morning having problems but for now that`s all we can do...I think. Hope that helps. If not, let me know and I`ll try and email you directly more explicit instructions.

  5. So I`ve just had a look at my dashboard - it`s the tab `Edit HTML` which you need to go into. Then click on the image icon and put it on as you normally would. Once the image is on, click on `Compose` to revert to normal. Enjoy your slumber party!

  6. I switched to Firefox instead of XP after the last bout of blogger problems and haven't had any trouble since. Just an idea! Jxo

  7. Hope everything has turned out well in the end - I tricked Blogger with some re-importing from Picassa but I doubt I could repeat it!

    Hope the popcorn was good x

  8. I managed a post with piccies tonight. Mind you my computer stuck it's finger up it's a**e and decided to stop working. My fault apparantly for not doing any housekeeping (no change there)
    I do tend to use Firefox more as it causes me less problems.


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