Monday 4 June 2012


There is a new blog in blogland and I wanted to mention it to you because I thought you might want to stop by, give her some support and maybe follow her too. It's Terri - from our Brit Bee. Terri of Project 51. Terri who had one of the worst years imaginable and came through it all with the most amazing sense of humour imaginable.

Terri is on the far left in this photo.

If you were at the Retreat then you probably met Terri. She talked to everyone! Really, she did. So please drop by her blog, give her a big hello and then we can sit back and wait for her sarcasm and humour to slip into her posts. Because it will. I have on doubt about that.

Terri can now be found here - MishMashMama.



  1. Hey look at that are actually looking at the camera! Every version I have seen so far you have your head turned :o) Hope you had a fabulous time!!! Look forward to hearing all the gory details :o)

  2. Terri was a blast! I'm so happy to hear she's blogging now!

  3. Good morning! I am so glad Terri will blog, I truly enjoyed meeting her.

  4. Terri has the most acute sense of humour and it was a real pleasure to chat with her over dinner on Saturday evening. I am going to pop on over and add her blog to my faves! Di x


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