Sunday 22 January 2012

Traded In My Funk for Busy

Not time for being in a funk around here this weekend. Barely time to sit down. You sure do sleep well when you have days like that. And no time for feeling blah at all.

The first big news was that myself, Cindy and Hadley got the partner assignments for Mouthy Stitches done, sent out and the stalking has commenced. I have been given a brilliant partner and can't wait to get making for her. With that in mind, and knowing who I was making for I sat here at some stupid time this morning and ordered more zippers, just in case I didn't have the colour I really wanted for my make. (You never can have too many, can you?)

My next news was that I received my last two purchases of Heather Ross fabrics. I found it very interesting shopping around for HR fabrics because the prices being charged are so varied and then the cost of shipping! Goodness me, how can one seller on Etsy be asking $12.95 to ship a piece of fabric smaller than a FQ to the UK but another can do it for $10 less? It certainly makes decisions when shopping easier. I saw the same design FQ of HR for sale by two different sellers and one was asking twice as much as the other. So, my advice, if you decide to do a little fabric collecting, is to shop around! My last two shipments I got for just over £5 each, including shipping. You can have fun for a very little amount of money when you try.

The three on the right I got from one seller and
I had to have it just for those cheeky little gnomes.
My other news is I have had more good post. (I know! There is no chance of being gloomy around you guys!) First off Maggie sent me a parcel all the way from Utah. I didn't really know Maggie before she entered my Christmas swap but she is a joy. And she goes out of her way for so many people, paying attention to what is going on in a swap and is generous to all. As a thank you - not necessary at all - for running the swap she sent not only me a gift, but the girls one each too.

A mini tote for each of the girls,
which they quickly decided were the perfect size for dance shoes.
And a stack of charm squares for each of them too.
For me all of us was a brilliant Christmas mini quilt.
I love that wreath stitched on the door!
And for me some amazing HR scraps, plus another bird scrap which I do not have.
I could sit here and rave about that HR Christmas tree piece!
Love it sooooo much!
The other package was from Fiona. We are doing a bit of a swap, and she sent me some HR, plus some birds. I will be sending her a package tomorrow. Because I have a number of packages that need sorting out!

Yoga girl - love her, while somehow hating her at the same time.
And liberated goldfish. Well, that's how I think of them as opposed
to the fish in a bag.

Birdies!! Those orange ones are gorgeous.
(Sorry, Katie, but no need to go looking for any for me now. Thanks!)
 The other thing to happen this weekend was Emily took a whacking great fall at my friend's house after swimming lessons and hurt her back. She is doing fine now, still aching but children's bodies are so much more resilient - thank goodness. But in her moments of lowness yesterday she requested that I blog about baby bunny. So blog about baby bunny I shall.

This was designated Baby Bunny weekend.
For that Baby Bunny got a sash and her own pillow.
Helen made whoopie pies.
Baby Bunny found where she wanted to hang out for a while.
And Emily gave her a treat,
but I am not sure if bunnies eat bears.
So it is all go here. Swaps are on the go. I am stalking two people - one For The Love of Solids swap and the other for our very own Mouthy Stitches. I have my zips ordered for one and my solids ordered for the other. The making only waits for the post. I have a load of blogs to read, and so many emails to reply to - but I think normal service it about to resume here come tomorrow morning. I'm feeling the urge to sew, and do, and plan, and fondle the heap of HR I have accumulated.

It has taken me two hours to write this blog, whilst doing other tasks gong back and forth between all things demanding my attention. I think I am going to reward myself with a glass of wine. I have been ever so good lately but I do feel I have earned it this weekend. Life, despite the occasional moan, is good!



  1. lovely to see bunny... hope Emily is feeling much better..lots of virtual hugs on the way xx I am STUNNED at the amount of work that has gone into this swap. xx you need A REST now xx

  2. Ouch! Hope Emily hasn't hurt herself too badly and will bounce back quickly! (not literally!) How is Helen doing? Lovely HR eyecandy! And how cute is Baby Bunny?! such a lucky bunny indeed! Now go sit down with that glass of wine, well deserved!

  3. I am off to practice my lock-picking skills!!

    Nice haul! Happy stalking x

  4. Oooh great haul. The Liberated Fish are one of my fave's. Hope Emily is feeling better soon. x

  5. Oh poor Em! Hope she feels better soon. Thank you girls for your amazing match-making work this weekend. You definitely deserve that glass of wine! Jxo

  6. Oooh do those whoopie pies taste as good as they look?

    I hope baby bunny didnt eat them all and you at least got to try them ;-)

    Enjoy your wine! I'm going to have a glass/bottle just as soon as OH walks to the shops to get it for me :-)

  7. Bunny is SO cute! And I LOVE all your HR! That is going to be an amazing quilt! BTW is there a code for the Mouthy Stitches button? I'd like to put it on my blog (maybe Cindy or Hadley have it??? I'll check their blogs out!)

  8. Poor Emily! It's quite a shock to the system when you take a bad tumble - hope she's feeling better. Baby bunny's very cute and obviously realises the best place to hang out is next to Helen's delicious looking whoopie pies! I hope Helen's back on form now too :)
    Lovely, lovely fabric haul and other goodies!
    Just wondering have you mamas kept your groups semi-secret and arranged partners for each other so that you don't know who is making for you?

  9. Oh dear - wrap you kids up as they seem to be competing with each other in the disease/hurt stakes!

    Love your stash additions and looking forward to both those quilts - well get on with it then!

  10. Poor Emily, I hope she is back fighting fit very soon! Cute bunny and fabulous fabric haul etc.

  11. Oh no! I hope Emily is okay?

    I'm rewarding myself wth wine, and the movie Matilda at the moment :-) Oh to live the high life!

    Do you need any more birds on chairs? Thats all I got really...

  12. I hope Emily recovers soon but I'm sure that Baby Bunny will keep her entertained while she gets better, she looks like just the sort of friend you want around in a moment of need. Love the new fabric!

  13. Oooh, enjoy your haul! I have the birds in a green/orange combo too if you want them?

    The bears have had a consultation, and they're pretty sure bunnies don't eat bears. Whoopie pies on the other hand, are appreciated by both species...

  14. ha ha, love that bunny got in on the action. Now I want some gummi bears. You have accumulated some lovley fabric there!

  15. I hope you tipped your postie at Christmas with all the parcels he has to deliver to your house! Sorry Emma took a tumble and hope she`s recovered soon.

  16. Zippers! I need to order zippers! Eekk!

  17. Poor Emily! Hope she feels better soon! Bute bunny though :)

  18. Wow, you're gonna be makin some bloody big quilts with all this HR and burds you've been gettin! ;-) Hope Em is okay tomorrow.

  19. good to see you're out of your funk and back in the groove - hope emily is better - and you have some serious hr'ness there - all those different fabrics/patterns - should be interesting!!

  20. I hope the glass was lovely, sounds like a nice way to end the weekend. I am glad baby bunny was able to cheer up Emily, falls hurt and can be a bit scary too. You have the best collection of cute HR fabrics now, and lovely birds too.

  21. Poor Emily, I hope she feels fine soon.
    I've just ordered a few (too many) zippers, so hope they don't take too long to arrive. At least I'll have lots of colours to choose from.
    You should be able to make a humungous HR quilt soon!
    Love all the birdy fabrics, so much variety, the quilt is going to look awesome.

  22. I have to admit to not knowing much about Heather Ross so I am off to "study".Love those gnomes.


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