Thursday 19 January 2012

Resolved to Sew

I spoke about Resolved to Sew the other day because Ali is having one of the best giveaways ever over at Very Berry Handmade. But she is also giving us an extra chance to win if we talk about our sewing plans for 2012. So it would be silly not to take Ali up on her offer of another chance to win because I would love to win this.

But quite frankly, even if I didn't get first choice, all her prizes from the wonderful sponsors are brilliant and I would do a little happy dance if any of them came my way.

Since I did Sarah's Winter Sewing List and Rhonda's Finish-a-Long you have a good idea what my aims are for the next few months. But I will talk about them some more and about further plans in the year.

(1) I will finish Emily's quilt before the end of this month. (I have my fingers crossed behind my back just in case there is a slight delay.)

(2) I will make One for the Birds, my Favourite Fabrics quilt (in Sarah's Stained Pink design), and my Heather Ross Fan Club quilt this year. At least one of these quilts will be for me, me, me! I have yet to make a quilt entirely for myself and it is time.

(3) I will write a proper tutorial and it will work. Enough said!

(4) I will spend less time on the computer and more time sewing. I need more balance!

(5) I will be involved in the organising of more swaps (Mouthy Stitches being part of this goal) and I will enjoy the process and stress less.

(6) I will start my Christmas sewing now, not in November and avoid putting myself in a blind panic and being exhausted for Christmas Day.

(7) I will eat less chocolate. I have to! It's getting out of hand. Really!

That's enough. If I make lists too long I start to panic and procrastinate rather than get on with it because I end up intimidating myself. We wouldn't want that to happen.

Meanwhile I have had more happy post. Jan from Isisjem and I got emailing about my One for the Birds quilt and she quite liked the idea. She found that she had a number of bird fabrics too. I suggested that we do some swapping so that we each had more birds and before you could say 'yes' she had a package in the post for me. (No, I haven't sent hers yet because I am useless like that!) Look what I got!

Lovely card with the package!
Birds, birds and more birds.
I love those birds on a chair prints. Love!
Look what else Jan sent.
Some contributions to my HR quilt. Sqeeeeeee!
And chocolate! Died and gone to heaven here.

You can't say happiness for a quilter more than fabric you love. And with that in mind I got on with cutting the charm squares for the Over the Rainbow Charm Square Swap - Rounds One and Two - because I didn't want to miss out on any good fabric! All cut and ready to send off to Emily now. Tick that box off my list.

California Dreamin' for the pink.
Enchino for the purple.
I'm rather pleased with myself today because I have also finished doing a good old clean of the house the past two days. If you dropped by right now you would have the rare opportunity of not finding me mortified to let you in. It won't last long but it is nice while it lasts!

Theoretically I should be sat diligently working out the partner assignments for Mouthy Stitches right now. But I did have to get these other things done and out the way so I could concentrate.



  1. Looking forward to rehoming 2 of those little square. Echino! My you treated us :-)

    (Also, i'm so lame. I forgot to look for bird fabric for you. I'll do it tonight. Sorrrrrrrry!)

  2. Lovin' those charms! Can't wait to get mine sorted and in the post...can't wait to get my paws on yours when the little pack arrives!

    Lucky you with all of the new happy bird fabric. This is going to be an awesome quilt! xx

  3. Well you have been a busy little wonder we haven't been chatting. Stay is keeps that chocolate moving about. LOL

  4. What a lot of birdy goodies Jan has sent you! Isn't she a wee treasure! Looks like I wasn't the only one spring cleaning! Jxo

  5. Busy, busy!! The fabric is wonderful! I'm really looking forward to getting the charms from the swap, they all look so great!

  6. Love the fabrics from Jan - I can't wait to see them in a quilt! And I like your resolutions, particularly #4!

  7. Great resolutions. Glad you like what I sent. I thought the HR would be a nice surprise ;-) Don't bust to get fabric to me because I'm not waiting on it. I just wanted to get the birdies to you asap as I know you're working on it now.

  8. how lovely of jan to send the bird fabric. looking forward to seeing the end result

  9. Great goals - I'm totally with you on #4, 6, and 7 ;)

  10. Beautiful little birdies :)

  11. Love your resolutions...except for the chocolate one, cos one can never have enough chocolate! x

  12. Great resolutions and Jan is just brilliant eh!?

  13. Yay, love that package, and those charms look brill, I've got mine to cut tomorrow...

  14. How sweet of Jan - gorgeous fabric receipts! Well done with your resolutions and especially where it comes to chocolate!

  15. Good resolutions, not so keen on number 7 though, really, didnt you know that 70+% choc is good for you?

  16. You are just too efficient...but answer me this, what does chocolate have to do with sewing? LOL!

  17. Those birds are so cute! I can't do one of those lists, the FAL is the closest I will ever get, but yours looks like a lot of fun to complete.


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