Sunday 7 February 2016

I Made A Cake

No big surprise in the title. I do tend to make cakes here. I also tend to eat cakes. Usually I eat more cake than anyone else in this house because I am physically in the house more than anyone else and I am very prone to giving in to temptation.

The cake I made on the weekend - the birthday cake - was with a recipe that uses six egg whites but none of the yolks. So I did a search online for cake recipes that used just yolks and I came up with this one - Egg Yolk Sponge Cake Recipe.

It was a bit of a weird recipe for me to contemplate. But it would use up all the egg yolks, (in interest of honesty here I did not measure my egg yolks but just decided that six yolks looked 'close enough' to 3/4 cup. No idea how accurate that decision was) plus another whole egg of which I now have a constant glut.

I also used lemon juice instead of the orange juice called for because (a) I thought why use orange when you are already using lemon zest and lemon extract, (b) I had a lemon but not an orange, and (c) I thought the lemon would have more impact than the orange for adding flavour. I also put more of a very healthy (overflowing) 1 tsp of lemon extract rather than the 1/2 tsp called for, and I zested the whole lemon and chucked what I got in without measuring.

The recipe got weird because the final step calls for 6oz of boiling water to be added to the batter. I have never encountered this step before but as the reviews were generally all good and I didn't think I had a lot to lose other than a few basic ingredients I went for it.

Whatever the science is behind that boiling water, it worked. The cake came out looking like, well, looking like a cake.

I then segued from the recipe again and made a drizzle for it with the remaining juice from the lemon and some granulated sugar. I chucked this on top while the cake was fresh out the oven confident in my belief that I would never, ever get the cake out the bundt tin intact. So I didn't try.

The cake went with me to a friend's house for lunch. We unanimously (all two of us) declared it a total success. Really, it is a lovely cake. Dense but still a light crumb. Good lemon flavour, but I take full credit for that. I left some of the cake with my friend to share with her family.

The rest of it was in the car when I picked the girls up from school. They had two friends with them. And then himself was home early from work.

Apparently they all like the cake too!



  1. Your story is making me want to bake a cake, sounds like a success to me.

  2. Your lemon/orange dilemma sounds familiar to me. Don't know why I never have oranges, but always have lemons...

  3. I'd rather watch / hear / read you . . . than Nigella . . . any day.
    Funny as...


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