Tuesday 23 February 2016

Cutting Fabric

The end of last week - Thursday and Friday - I cut fabric. And I cut and cut and cut. It is totally out of character for me to cut out all the fabric for a quilt top. It is a small miracle for me to cut out everything I needed for two quilt tops. I doubt that will ever happen again.

Those two piles represent 252 five inch squares and 378 pieces of fabric to make 63 eight inch blocks. They are all cut from the Ls Modern Basics range of fabric from Lecien. Individually these are all blender fabrics really, and may not look like much on their own. But pair them up with each other, or other complimentary fabrics and they shine. It's like a magic trick.

I packed these two piles of fabric, and a few other things including my sewing machine, and went off for a three night weekend with my Brit Bee people and a couple of other friends. Ten of us were having an escape.

The house we had rented for the weekend was in Bedfordshire and it was perfect. Absolutely prefect for us.

Huge open living space with a table big enough to fit ten machines comfortably. A 'U' shaped kitchen island that provided ample room for dining, and an incredibly useful cutting surface between meals. All the bedrooms had twin beds, that could convert to king sized but finding a place with all twins was fab. And four of the five rooms were en suite, which meant that the fifth bedroom got the big family bathroom with the jacuzzi tub all to themselves.

It was a seriously good weekend. I'll show you what I made and other highlights in the coming days. Suffice to say I want to go back. Next weekend would be nice though there might be a revolt in my house.


PS: Ten of us managed to devour the best part of four cakes over those three days. I am so proud of us.


  1. Looks like a fabulous place for a sewing weekend!

    P.S. Only four cakes? That's not even half a cake each... ;o)

  2. Ah see you did miss me, only 4 cakes without my help....

  3. I'm with Sarah! I can eat a whole cake by myself! It's my special talent! One day I will get to join you all again! Jxo

  4. I go on a retreat each year with my group. As you say it is incredibly difficult to get a house with single beds, and no bunk beds. The house you went to looks perfect for the job.

  5. gorgeous location, if you don't mind me asking... where abouts in bedfordshire? I keep thinking of getting a group together but needing more space and renting somewhere local would be amazing (i live in bedfordshire!)

  6. What a fab weekend!
    Nice not to have to trip over homework, toys, makeup, pets, and whatever your respective houses usually contain!


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