Thursday 11 December 2014

I Have Barely...

... been on the computer for more than ten or twenty minutes a day for just about forever. This includes replying to emails. (Sorry!)
... read a blog in even longer.
... done housework other than the minimum that keeps us from living in squalor.

And this is how I find the time to sew.

I've made another gift for Sweden. Some asked why so many gifts for Sweden and the reason is (a) they are family and we like them, but (b) it was their wonderful hosting of us this summer that allowed us to have the best holiday we have ever had as a family. I want to be able to say thank you in the best way I know how.

This cushion is headed to a little farmhouse in the middle of nowhere that is pure relaxing bliss to stay at. The colours and style of the cushion reflect the colours in use there already, and the age and style of the building.

I used the navy fabric to back it and put in a bright red zip with some yellow top stitching. I made the cushion cover up as I went along, just piecing more bits on until it was big enough. It then reminded me vaguely of the Brazilian flag. Not the look I was going for. So I decided to give it a down home, more countrified look with some hand stitching.

In the centre I did stem stitch and colonial knots. Then a round of blue and yellow couch stitch. Finally a simple running stitch in a swirlie curve around the outer white sashing. I think the stitching takes a boring cushion and makes it pretty.

I shall add this to the box that is being sent to Sweden and go cut a baby quilt now. Or maybe I will prep dinner first, just so I know we aren't going to starve tonight.



  1. It was hardly a boring cushion (but all I can see now is the Brazilian flag!) but the hand stitching does take it into the realms of absolutely marvellous!! Lucky Swedish family!

  2. It never occurred to me that it looked like the Brazilian flag! You have been making some great cushions and all so special and distinct. Wish I was on your gift list!!

  3. Your cushion is absolutely beautiful!! I love the colours that you used.

  4. Surprising what we find in our stash that suits certain people! This is beautiful and the stitching is a maestro addition!

  5. What a brilliant make! It is so bright and cheerful and your handstitches are so neat! When a houseproud friend had her first baby the visiting midwife advised her to just do the bits of housework that really got to her and ignore the rest! So she cleaned the sinks everyday, if I apply that advice it would be to push the vacuum around 'cos I hate seeing 'bits' on the carpets. There's not much cleaning going on in my house at the moment - just the carpets!

  6. I'm getting visions of a pillowy countryside in Sweden now!

  7. so pretty, such bright colors!

  8. you are a machine :-) Loving all these cushions. I think I need to go and make some now!

  9. So you're not on a one man mission to make every resident of Sweden a quilt thing by end of year?

  10. Your hand stitching totally takes the cake.
    I'm with you - haven't been near a blog in weeks/months. Mine or anyone else's. It's good - we're off living life instead of staring at a screen.


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