Wednesday 10 December 2014

Fussy Cutting?

When you have a fabric that is delightful and you can't bring yourself to cut up into little pieces is it still fussy cutting when you cut a bit 12 1/2 inches square to make the most of the print? And then use that as the majority of your cushion cover?

Because that is what I did with my FQ of Michael Miller Reindeer Holiday fabric.

I couldn't resist this fabric when I first saw it. I bought it from the Pin It & Stitch girls and I've just checked, they still have some in stock and it's one sale here. I may need to buy more.

I mean who can resist the allure of a near naked Santa diving into a swimming pool?! Certainly not me, and I hope that my sister-in-law feels the same way because this cushion cover is already on its way to Canada.

I kept the whole make really simple. Big bit in the middle with quarter inch (or so) quilting lines running parallel across the width of it. Some white sashing and then a blue border. Not much to it at all. To up my game I brought out the perle and added in some hand quilting. I haven't done any in ages and as soon as I started I remembered how much I love the way it changes the way a project looks.

The backing is a piece of Riley Blake that I have had for quite a while. Another Christmas fabric I love, which is about used up now though. An aqua blue zip and some lime green top stitching and this cushion was done.

Two more makes for Sweden and the presents that need posting outside the country will be done. Then just a few smaller makes for the UK. If I can get the Swedish ones made by the weekend then I will be pleased as all get out. The light is at the end of the tunnel.



  1. Such a brilliant print, definitely not for chopping into little pieces! Jxo

  2. It's fab! Definitely the right decision not to cut it up!

  3. As mr. Romance would say, "bingo baby" , you are knocking them out of the park lately. Simple and so special all rolled into one beautiful cushion.

  4. A fun cushion and I wouldn't have cut into it either. I have quite a few fabrics like this which are too beautiful overall to cut u to smaller pieces. How and when did you do the straight line quilting? Before adding the borders? Did you use QAYG? I am asking because I can't see any turn around at the end of the lines. I hop you know what I mean😄

  5. Love it - the reindeers soaking up the sun are great - would have been a shame to chop into it!

  6. Perfect fussy cutting- I wouldn't have wanted to cut it up either! Those reindeers seem to be enjoying an Australian Christmas!

  7. This is exactly how I picture Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere :D


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