Thursday 3 July 2014

The List Was Long

I wrote a stupidly long list for Q2 of the FAL. On the bright side, it did push me to finish more than I have ever finished before in a quarter. On the downside, I still accomplished less than 50%. But we shall not dwell on that. Instead we shall just review what was and was not done.

1. Hexie quilt. DONE!

2. DS epp. Not done, but in my defence this has been on just about every list since I started doing the FAL and it is tradition not to finish it.

3. Retreat epp. DONE!

4. Walk In The Woods baby quilt. Honestly, I'm not even sure where this is right now so absolutely not a finish.

5. Churn Dash quilt. DONE!

6. Brit Bee blocks turned into a quilt. Head hanging in shame but time has been in short supply.

7. Hand quilting Stitch Tease quilt. Nope.

8. Helen's birthday surprise quilt to me last year. Nope - but she has yet to finish appliquéing my name so I blame her. Just saying!

9. Christmas quilt. Nope, and I even draped it over the end of my ironing board for most the the quarter to encourage me to finish it.

10. Blue and Orange bee blocks turned into a quilt. Nope.

11. DS quilt. DONE!

12. Flying Geese quilt. Nope. Not a moment to even think about it.

13. Sunrise/Sunset. DONE!

14. Quilt as you go project. DONE!

15. Oakshotts quilt. No, though in my defence I actually did do some work on it. Better than nothing?

Okay, I've added them up and that is six completed out of fifteen. Three of them quilts. I can be happy with that. Here's a little look at what I made that wasn't on the list.

Clockwise from top left:
Table runner, curved placemats, sarcasm hoop
and a picnic set made for issue 10 of Love Patchwork & Quiting.

DS cushion, Brit cushion for Helen to give to her German exchange partner,
secret cushion to be revealed soon,
and Oakshott cushions for Love Patchwork & Quilting.
Some but not all of the bee blocks I've worked on.
Lavender bags and a wee pin cushion.
Some of the Small makes from the past week,
and the machine cover made for Love Patchwork & Quilting.
Yes, it has been a busy three months. I work best with deadlines apparently. I will have to set some new ones for me.

I am linking this up with Katy for the FAL linky party. Once again our leader is doing a stellar job.

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  1. Another fabulous quarter, some great finishes, and I am also an advocate of the method of "throw enough sh@t at the wall and some of it will stick"! x

  2. You finished three full size quilts and all the rest, you did great! I love all the things you have been making this spring, they are all beautiful.

  3. My gosh. You have been busy. I need to follow your example as soon as possible. You have some amazing treasures on your finished list. Woo-hoo! Great job!

  4. relieved to see all the non finishes on your list!! i was starting to worry my old mate susie had been taken over by some kind of quilty bodysnatchers, all this productivity and professionalism and publicising etc.... eeek. but it is you after all. phew!! xxx

  5. Glad I am sitting down, you did heaps.

  6. You shouldn't mention all the stuff you didn't do as then we'd be amazed by all that you did! Cracking quarter all told after all quality is what counts!

  7. I bet it's lovely to see those DS Cheerios ... Instead of hoarding the fabric. You've had a very productive time!

  8. Wow, look how much you've done in three months!!! Maybe you need to break your FAL goals down into short-term goals and plan them across the weeks so you have regular deadlines to hit in the three months? Or would that just tip you over when added to the 'proper' deadlines you have?!!

  9. I love it! My method is like the EXTREME version of throw and stick. And that gnomey still kills me.

  10. For crying out loud woman - looking at everything you finished I'd be over the moon . It doesnt matter that most of those werent on your list. Plus you finished three quilts that WERE on the list! Im totally impressed with all those finishes (looks like my end of year round up post and you did it in THREE months!)

    You are my hero!

  11. Wow you have done so much. I only had 3 things on my list and finished 1!!

  12. Holy crap! Look at your quarter! Susan, you need a serious holiday from sewing. Are your fingers callused?
    Your points 2 and 4 crack me up.

  13. Love all your finishes/makes and your excuses for the not finished really made me laugh xx

  14. You have made more stuff in three months than I've done in three years. It doesn't matter if it was on the list or not!

  15. You certainly can be happy with that, you got the meaty projects done!

  16. It's quite scary how much you manage to achieve. I managed one blouse…..!

  17. You got loads done this quarter! I should totally have listed the things I made that weren't on my list too :)

  18. I'm with you, I only finished one item on my list. Oh well, the other pretties are sure nice!

  19. You have done tons, and probably deserve some new fabric as a reward. x

  20. I live for checking these long lists... *ahem* Well done :oD

  21. You really had a long list and you had gorgeous finishes. not to mention a huge pile of extras! What a productive and successful Q2! Great that you also keep putting UFOs on an on :)

  22. I must say you ge more finished than I can even dream of doing. All gorgeous finishes

  23. Great job, Susan, you can be proud either way. You made as many things in 3 months that would take me 3 years. At least :))))

  24. All that in 3 months?!! You rock!

  25. I love your finishes, and no 14 has a special place in my house (and my heart :))


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