Tuesday 30 August 2011

All the Way From Austalia

A few weeks ago my friend Kat - Diary of a Flutter. Kat - had a week of giveaways to mark her blogiversary. She wanted her giveaways to be in recognition of her readers rather than an attempt to get new ones. That's the sort of wonderful person she is. Besides being very funny! She tells it like it is on her blog and we usually have a little email chat each day, exchanging a bit of news and lots of laughs.

In her giveaway I won - twice! It all comes down to her brilliant daughter doing such a good job acting as Miss Number Generator. Got to love that Hannah! I won some fabric and a beautiful purse made by Kat. As postage is so expensive we made a deal that she would send me some more of her yummy scraps with the purse rather than the fabric specified. We were both happy with that. Well, quite frankly, I was happy with anything from Kat.

But who wouldn't be happy to receive this in the post?

Isn't that just beautiful?!
And its got one of those nifty little magnetic clasps.
Emily was well impressed with that.
Kat has some great tutorials on her blog and I will be ordering some zippers and trying out her zippy pouch tutorial once I have sequestered the girls back in school.

Kat also has wonderful scraps. Look at the great mix of fabrics I got from her. I can feel myself about to talk to the Farmer again because these scraps need to be used.

I love the bloggy world. It is so full of brilliant people!



  1. What a lovely treat! Yummy scraps too! Jxo

  2. I know you are just saying you like the purse to be polite - I bet I like it so much more and it would like to live with me!!!

  3. It's so nice! Not only is the bag just fantastic, but to be filled with such goodness! Are you carrying it around with you right now?

  4. That is one hot piece of clutch. Lol. Kat's is a "new to me" blog, thanks for introducing us to her!

  5. You lucky thing - a fabulous purse and gorgeous scraps!

  6. That is a serious fabby pouch. Shame you like it because it's very me and if you like it you will not feel the need to send it to me. sigh.

  7. That purse is fab and lovely scraps, lucky you. Just checked out Kats blog which is new to me and she now has a new follower!

  8. I joined Kat after FoQ! Thanks! Lucky you for winning yet again! Is that a streak???

    Or am I thinking of something else!??

  9. I loved that bag from the first moment I saw it. It's so darn cute!

    I think someone should organise a scrap swap...hint hint.

  10. That old universe is obviously good at throwing good stuff at good people - enjoy your spoils. They are gorgeous!

  11. **sniff sniff, so pleased you like it :)
    Love you too Xx


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