Sunday 21 June 2015

Onwards and Upwards

So I finished one project.

And I'm really happy with it. Love that bold, colourful binding against the monochrome backing. But there was no time for sitting around. I needed to pull the fabric for the next project.

Another colourful one then. When and how did I get so busy? But it's all good fun because I get to do what I like doing in this busyness so no complaining here. 

Meanwhile, its been all about the housework this weekend, and cracking the whip to make two certain someone's clean their rooms too. Yup, visitors again. If we never had visitors goodness knows what on earth this house would look like. It's the only thing that keeps us in line. 

Oh and Father's Day. I did my duty and cooked a full English breakfast this morning. The girls showered him with love, etc. Here's to all the dads out there who do a great job and us lucky people who get to be a part of their lives. 



  1. Those are pretty fabrics, it is nice that you enjoy quilting so much.

  2. love the binding, and those corners are soooo neat

  3. Im crushing on your fabrics Susan. A rainbow of colour! Cant wait to see what they morph into.

    Congrats on the finish. I made actual progress on two of my quilts this past weekend...doing the happy dance.

  4. Pretty colours. Don't burn yourself out, with all that..............housework!


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